The Walking Dead: Into The Unknown Part 1

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The story of Clementine and Christa's 16 month journey begins here:

Before the story begins, I'd like to thank @try_not_2_cry and @Dont_Look_Back for not only really enjoying my stories but sharing them across the forum. I'd never asked them to do it, and yet they did anyway. You guys deserve a special hint of, "what's to come."

More importantly, the fact that you guys enjoy these stories is more than enough to fuel my motivation to make them. I don't do this for attention. I do it because it's something that I want to do, and that's why you guys enjoy them.

The story of Clementine and Christa's journey continues...

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Clementine wakes up from her slumber. She's inside a motel room. Wanting to know what the commotion's all about, she hurries outside. She sees Kenny and Lee along with an unfamiliar person who's carrying a large backpack. Larry and Lilly approach them furiously.

  • Lilly: Lee, what the hell do you think you're doing?!
  • Kenny: Hey just relax for a minute, will ya?! We found this guy back in the town. Walkers nearly got 'im.
  • Larry: So why's he here?!
  • Lee: His name's Mark. He's got military experience. Like you, Lilly. So I figured he'd be helpful to us.
  • Mark: Oh yeah; that, and I got some food...probably enough to feed all of you.

Mark sees Clementine.

  • Mark: Uh, Lee also told me you have kids here...
  • Lilly: (crosses her arms) We are running low....Fine. But if you're gonna stay here, than you're food belongs to us. Not to me, not to you, (getures to Lee and Kenny) not to them. US.

  • Mark: Fair enough.

Lilly walks away. Larry just stares him down.

  • Kenny: Goddammit old man would you knock it the fuck off already?!
  • Larry: Hmmph.

Larry goes back to working on the boards.

  • Kenny: (to Mark) Come on, I'll show you where you can sleep.

Kenny and Mark proceed to the motel. Kenny walks by Clementine and shoots her a smile. Clementine returns it. She's not too comfortable around Mark and moves slowly away from him when he walks by. Lee approaches her and takes a knee.

  • Lee: What's wrong, Clem?
  • Clementine: Who's that man?
  • Lee: That's Mark. He was in trouble when we found him, so we gave him a hand.
  • Clementine: He's....he's not bad, is he? Lilly said we shouldn't be bringing strangers here.
  • Lee: Well, she's right about that. But if I didn't do what I did, he wouldn't have been here, and we wouldn't have any food left, right?
  • Clementine: I guess...
  • Lee: Besides, I know he's a good man. I don't know how I'd feel if I'd just let him suffer on his own.
  • Clementine: So helping him was okay, right?
  • Lee: (chuckles) I don't think we anything to worry about.
  • Clementine: (smiles) That's good.
  • Lee: Oh yeah, I got something for you.

Lee reaches into his pocket. Clementine tries to get a peek.

  • Lee: No peeking. Just close your eyes and hold out your hands.
  • Clementine: Fine...

She does so. She feels something round and smooth in her hands.

  • Lee: Ok. Now you can open them.

She opens her eyes and sees that Lee has given her an orange. She smiles.

  • Lee: I knew Lilly was gonna take charge of the food, so I managed to sneak out a little something for you. Do you like it?
  • Clementine: Very much! I like fruit, especially oranges.
  • Lee: Well, technically it's a clementine.

Clementine looks at Lee who's just smirking at her. Clem, however, is not impressed.

  • Lee: Well, Kenny thought it was funny.
  • Clementine: Thank you.
  • Lee: You're welcome, Clem. Just make sure no one sees it.
  • Clementine: Okay.

Clementine walks back to her motel room and closes the door. She takes her backpack out from out of the bed. She unzips the smaller pocket.

  • Clementine: I'll save you for later.


Clementine is sitting on the cliff with her legs hanging off of the edge. The sky is blue and filled with puffy clouds and lake is lightly still. She picks up her bag and looks through it. Notices the smaller pocket and remembers she left her orange in there from back then. She unzips it, hoping to see it's still good. To her dismay, the orange is completely rotten. She inspects it.

  • Clementine: ...sorry...

She stands up and throws the orange into the lake. She picks up her bag and walks into the forest.

She joins the camp with Christa, who's breastfeeding Junior, and Donald who's examining Eliza's head. Clementine walks up to Donald.

  • Clementine: Is she gonna be okay?
  • Donald: Hmm....Eliza dariln', I think you're gonna need to take a rest for a few minutes, okay?
  • Eliza: Okay...

Donald walks up to Christa, who's just laid down Junior to sleep. Clementine follows.

  • Christa: How is she doing?
  • Donald: Hard to say. He hit her head pretty hard. And she collapsed from runnin'. I'm worried she might have gotten a concussion.
  • Christa: Oh no...
  • Clementine: What's that?
  • Donald: It's like a headache that goes on for a long time.
  • Clementine: Oh...
  • Donald: Those painkillers I found in that med kit will only last her for so long.
  • Christa: But you said she might have gotten a concussion.
  • Donald: Exactly. MIGHT have. If she does...can't let her do too much. I'm gonna have to carry her.
  • Clementine: Where do we go now?
  • Donald: Maybe. Just maybe, there might be a working vechicle back at the camp. It's a stretch.
  • Christa: We can use it to get Wellington.
  • Donald: Yeah...(turns away from them) And I have to find my wife.

30 minutes later

The group has arrived at what's left at the camp. Most of the tents have either burned down to the ground or are just barely staying up. Smoke still rises from the cinders. A few burnt-to-hell walkers lie on the grounds, unable to move. Donald hurries into the camp while holding Eliza, in search for his wife. Clementine walks to what was Eliza's tent while Christa goes to the med tent. Clementine stares into the remains and sees a hand rising from the cinders. The face comes out and she's that Eliza's mom has become a walker. Seeing her like that is too much for Clem to bare. She contemplates killing her, but she can't bring herself to do it and decides to walk away.

Clementine meets up with Christa who has managed to take everything she can find (bandages, disinfectant, suturing kit, etc.).

BANG! A gunshot is heard

They run to find Donald standing over his wife's body in front of him with Eliza a couple of feet away from him (the gun didn't wake her). His wife's insides have been ripped out and she's received a bullet to the head. Clementine notices fresh smoke coming from the barrel in Donald's gun.

  • Donald: I couldn't bare to see you lookin' like one of 'em, darlin'. I'm so sorry...

Christa puts her hand on Clem's shoulder as they helplessly watch Donald mourn for his wife. Seconds later, Donald turns to them.

  • Donald: Sorry. I uh....if y'all don't mind, I need to give her a proper burial. She deserves it.
  • Christa: Of course you can.

Donald gently lays Eliza down next to Christa and goes off to find a shovel.

  • Christa: Clem, go and see if there are any weapons left in the armory.

Clementine proceeds to the armory. She manages to find her gun, surprisingly untouched, as well as some ammo. Everything else is either destroyed or gone. She leaves the tent and goes to Christa. She also sees Donald digging up a hole.

  • Christa: Donald mentioned a car that could be working.

She looks to the open area where only two of many vehicles remain.

  • Christa: I don't know if they still think you can...?
  • Clementine: Yeah. I can.
  • Christa: Sorry, Clem. I don't mean to make you do everything. It's just...I've got my hands full.
  • Clementine: It's okay. I can go check.

Clementine goes to the last remain vehicles. She first checks the Mini Cooper. The windows are covered with black dirt from the smoke. She wipes it with her sleeve and sees two walkers strapped to the driver's and the passenger's seat. They see her and try to break free. She sees that they have been shot while trying to get away.

Clementine proceeds to the much bigger and cleaner van. She looks into the passenger's window and sees nothing. The car looks suitable to ride. She goes to the back side door and opens it. She's startled to see that Jacob is sleeping on the back seat. Her sudden scream woke him up.

  • Jacob: AH!! DON'T HURT ME!! PLEASE!! (realizes it's Clementine) Oh, it's just you.
  • Clementine: ....hey...

Donald runs to Clementine with his gun ready.

  • Donald: Clem! What's goin' on?
  • Clementine: It's just him.
  • Donald: (sighs, while putting his gun away) Sonuva bitch...
  • Jacob: I can't believe it! I'm saved!
  • Donald: You stupid kid...
  • Jacob: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
  • Donald: Well, did you mean to put that girl's life in danger. You're lucky she's still alive.
  • Jacob: Wait, Eliza's okay?!
  • Clementine: Yeah...but she's hurt...
  • Jacob: Why are you staring at me like that? It's your fault everyone's gone!
  • Donald: Don't you fuckin' start with her!

Jacob stays silent. Donald turns around to walk to Christa. Clementine follows. They decide what to do with Jacob.

  • Christa: We don't have enough food for him.
  • Donald: That was my concern, too.
  • Christa: Even if we bring him with us....I don't know. The way he put Eliza's life in danger like that. He'll just be a liability.
  • Donald: So what do you say?
  • Christa: ...we leave him. I know he meant well, but we can't have him with us.
  • Clementine: No.

Donald and Christa turn their attention to Clementine.

  • Donald: Clem, he put your friend in danger the moment he called out her bluff!
  • Clementine: Even if he didn't, how would we have saved her?
  • Donald: The hunters could've gotten to them before they took off.
  • Christa: Clementine, the boy said to Eliza that you weren't worth it.
  • Clementine: I know...but I'm not leaving behind anyone who needs us. Ben may have put us in danger, but he still needed us.
  • Donald: Who's Ben?
  • Christa: Not important right now. Look, Clementine--
  • Clementine: I'm NOT leaving him behind. We can find more food...hopefully.
  • Donald: (sigh) I guess...if he dies, it's on you.

Clementine gets up and walks to the van where Jacob is waiting.

  • Jacob: What do you want?
  • Clementine: We want the van.
  • Jacob: Well, you can't have it. It's my home now.

Clementine begins to get annoyed. She glares at Jacob and crosses her arms.

  • Clementine: If you don't like me, fine. We're gonna take this van and it's because of me that you can come with us. So either you stay or you deal with it.
  • Jacob: ...Do you have food?
  • Clementine: ...Yyyyes?
  • Jacob: Ok. I'll Eliza gonna be okay?

Clementine ignores him while she walks away.

Donald has finished burying his wife. Clementine is sitting in the passenger's seat, Christa is seating in the back with Junior in a car seat next to her, and Jacob is in the far back with Eliza lying next to him. Donald walks into the driver's seat and hot wires the car. The sound of the engine starting has Clementine in a state of relief. Donald drives onto the the narrow path, through the forest, and finally onto the road.


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  • Awesome! :D Keep up the good work!

  • Amazing! you got some real talent. Wish i had the time to turn your stories into comics >.<

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    Excellent work! But still no match for Tobi's comic book series!

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  • The Stache Strikes again

    Excellent work! But still no match for Tobi's comic book series!

  • edited April 2014

    I feel so special... :)
    Alt text

  • That's really good! It must have taken a while to type.

  • It did but as long as I know what to write, it feels like time just zooms by.

    Rylee posted: »

    That's really good! It must have taken a while to type.

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    Thanks, for continue the story. You really write good stories. And this was srsly also a good cliffhanger.

    Alt text

    lol, Lee gives clementine a clementine, and she liked it. Best sentence ever. :D

    Great tale so far.

  • i know i was like AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    Thanks, for continue the story. You really write good stories. And this was srsly also a good cliffhanger. lol, Lee gives clementine a clementine, and she liked it. Best sentence ever. Great tale so far.

  • And there was me thinking, "Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have included that scene."

    Well, good thing I did!

    i know i was like AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Thanks for the compliment, but i really don't care if my stories exceed Tobi's or not. I'm just doing it for the hell of it.

    Excellent work! But still no match for Tobi's comic book series!

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    As promised a review thanks for sharing the link on my thread

    Things I liked

    • Realistic within Walking Dead
    • All characters behaved and interacted like they would of in the game so great character writing
    • Loved all little jokes and character interactions fun to read and just really nice
    • Very easy to read with perfect grammar
    • Built tension slowly
    • Loved the flashback such a beautiful segment
    • Love all twists including Eliza but have spoiler free reviews


    Your very talented and should continue doing more threads really enjoyed this segment had great character depth a solid addition you seem to be getting better every story well done



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