• Pretty sure you're not the only person who thinks this.
    Hope they can do something useful before they die, though.

  • It kind of blows that this is probably the case. Nick is my favourite new character, and he's got more character development going on than pretty much anyone else in the cabin group right now. Hopefully that'll come full circle before he now inevitably dies too soon. :(

    Who knows though, maybe they'll surprise me.

  • I'm fairly sure most are on the same page as you. I, for one, am. I doubt they will make it even half way through the episode. It would be very hard to have a character do much of anything if not present in another play through, it's just too lopsided. The only way I could see them surviving longer than one episode is if they brought in another determinate character to fill the void of the begotten characters.

  • So far all the people that could die depending on your choices ended up dying afterwards.

    I guess Nick and Alvin will have their uses. Like, I'm pretty sure the group will try to escape again and you might have a lot less to do if they're around. Say you have to get a certain item that you can only find at a place ADULTS can go, Nick could get it for you, if he's not here then you'll have to find a way to do it yourself (lying to guards/sneaking in at night or whatever that forces you to do).

    On the other hand you might have to help them if they're here, like standing up to Alvin to avoid Carver's wrath and maybe steal some medical supplies for Carlos' fingers/Sarah's asthma and supporting Nick after the trauma of killing Mathews. Just throwing out ideas but I think it'd be pretty neat if it happened this way. However I do hope that for people that couldn't save them (or only one of them) there will be something to replace the events. It'd be pretty stupid to miss 20 minutes of gameplay/discussions because of your choices, but I trust TT on that.

    Although I think Alvin's main use will be the punishment scene (maybe death ?) in the next episode :/

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