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Any use of Hacking into the game's file is against the terms of Tell Tale community. Please refrain from making threads like these in the future thanks. Anyone caught doing so could face their account being banned. We are here to discuss the game not hack into it's file's. If you want to spoil the game and hack please do so on another forum other then Tell Tale. Tell Tale would really appreciate it if you stop looking through the files and spoiling possible future characters and events. Yes of course we are all excited to find out what happens next, but hacking into the files is a no go. It only ruins the story and excitement for people. They gave us this forum to talk about the game, and be patient and come up with thoughts what will happen next.

All discussions for episode 3 release date can be searched here-

Finally lets all get along and continue to be a great community. Also for those who just joined and doesn't know yet; please make sure to use the spoiler warning box for any thread concerning events in a previous or current episode, so others who did not play yet won't be spoiled. As the rules say: We can swear but keep it at a mature level. Do not use verbal abuse to destroy and put down other. Respect everyone's opinions and thoughts even though they may sound crazy.

Thanks for the cooperation guys :)

See you soon- Your friend Jill


I'm not a mod I'm just looking out for everyone, so they won't face getting banned :)

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    ItsGabee BANNED


    • I'm doing the mods a favor is all. They would do the same thing for the community. I know because they are very strict about people making threads about what they found in the files. They just want us to follow the rule is all. I didn't have to make this thread but I did. People I'm just looking out so I understand if you downvote it :). Thanks guys for being a great community, and I hope we can still discuss after wolf among us and TWD season 2 ends.

  • trying to suck up to the mods jill?

    • Why are you always attacking me? I'm not sucking up to no mod. I appreciate their work and if i want to help them out i can. I'll erase my thread would that make you happy?

      • always attacking you? are you serious? I have not being stalking you and abusing you or anything unlike some others I have heard about don't try make me look like the bad guy ok? anyway I am just saying this is the second thing I have seen from you about the forum rules leave that stuff to the mods no one likes a suck up

      • Actually, the thread DOES seem a little... hmm.

        I don't want to say anything negative, since we do appreciate the effort to remind people of the guidelines, but even you have to admit that a normal user suddenly turning round and saying stuff like this is a bit... curious.

        If there are actual attacks against you then we'll tell people off and (if need be) close the thread, but deleting it wouldn't really help anyone. Leave it be, if you would.

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