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How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

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Where would you go?
What kind of weapons would you carry?
What would be your top priorities?
What would your code of conduct be?

The first thing I'd do is get myself and my family up in the mountains.
Find a cabin up there and stay for as long as possible.
And do my best to fortify it, like building a palisade fence around it.

As far as weapons, I'd be carrying a Winchester model 70 ( 308 caliber) rifle. An M1 1911 pistol (45 caliber). And a Whetstone 15 inch Jungle Master Hunting Knife.
I'd probably mainly leave the Rifle with my family, and use a crossbow for hunting,( as it's silent and you can reuse the arrows), and only use my pistol in a bind.

My main priorities, aside from not getting killed, would be to provide my family with food, water, and firewood for the winter.
Another priority would be venturing down to the local hospital and bringing back medicine and bandages.
As well as fuel for my truck.

And finally my code of conduct would be, to help other people if possible.
To be cautious of strangers.
Defend myself with deadly force, only if necessary.
And not to steal from others. ( No matter how in need you are, it's never the right thing to do).
And never knowingly do something that will deliberately hurt an innocent person. ( When you do that, then you cross the line between being a good man, to a bad one. I've always strived to be a good man, and always will).

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