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About music speculation on episode 3 4 and 5 slides.

posted by AusZombie on - last edited - Viewed by 465 users

I'm not entirely sure this thread is needed but, I thought I might mention something that i haven't seen mentioned yet. I have seen a lot of speculation on the music on the slides for future episodes of TWD. For example the music on slide 4 signifying Clem losing her mind, and the lack of music on slide 5 signifying death.

Now the reason i'm posting this thread is because I recently deleted episode 2 from season 2, and I noticed that the tribal music was replaced with the default placeholder music. Do any of you think it is worth speculating on the default placeholder music? Do any of you think that the music may hold some deeper meaning? Or do you think it's meaningless since it will probably be replaced as soon as each episode is released? Also it is possible that that the slide's for episode 3 4 and 5 may change later, I know this because the slide for episode 3 of TWAU changes once you install episode 2.

Anyway this was on my mind so I thought I might ask the opinion's of some other people who are just as passionate about TWD as I am.

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