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Season 2 Timeskip

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Does anyone else think it would of been good to play as Clementine more sooner after Season 1 rather than there being a big 16 or 18 month skip in time? All we got was one chapter where Omid gets killed.

There must of been a lot happen in that amount of time like Christa giving birth etc and it would of meant Clem still would be with what was left of the S1 gang in Omid and Christa rather than just meeting a whole load of new people right away. I don't know if TT wanted the time to move forward that quickly or whether they did it just to get Clem a bit older and stronger looking. I thought playing as Clem at that period in time was really cool! sadly though it was just one chapter.

I love Season2 so far and I think it will get even better hopefully, but I still feel as though there is too much playing time as Clem gone to waste in that timeskip. :(

  • i think it was like 25 months after season 1 zou couldnt see that christa was pregnant but when season 2 starte zou saw it so that was maybe 8/9 months and then the 16 months time skip

    • She was pregnant in Season 1. There are hints with the whiskey and many more things.

    • She was pregnant in season one but she kept it from the group, probably out of fear that they'd hurt her unborn child and or kick her out of the group. She was probably 1-2 months pregnant during the Lee death time period due to the fact that she was showing symptoms but didn't have much of a pregnant belly. By season two (the first chapter) I think she was honestly like one or two weeks from going into labor. Meaning they were probably roughly seven months after season one's ending, making the entire lifespan of the series 10 months, then if you add the 16 month time skip it gets to be about roughly two years and two months in the apocalypse.

  • I disagree for one simple reason. Playing through those 16 months would be absolutely fucking miserable. Seeing Christa lose her unborn child and (somewhat justifiably) turn resentful and bitter toward Clementine would be emotionally draining in the extreme, even by Walking Dead standards. Clementine's thousand-yard stare immediately after the time skip is a pretty good indication of how fun those 16 months were.

    I agree that more explanation is definitely needed though. I want to know what happened, but I wouldn't be crazy about experiencing it firsthand.

  • I agree with everything you said and i do believe, or atleast hope that we gonna find out more about the whole " Christa's baby " situation in episode3. (even though it's obvious that the baby died)

  • I didn't like the time skip either, but, in my opinion, one of the points of season 1 was taking care of Clementine and teaching her how to survive. She wasn't ready yet before the time skip, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to play as a dependent character.
    I also think the point of having Rebecca is so we can find out what happened to Christa's baby.

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    BenPaul BANNED

    Telltale should make a DLC with Clementine before the zombie apocalypse. That would be fun.

  • I can definitely see why they went for the time skip but I would like to see more of 9-year-old Clem's interactions with Christa, especially after Omid's death. Not sure if I'd actually want to be playing as Clem, though. I'd prefer to either play as Christa or another survivor that briefly encounters the two of them.

  • I like Clem now and it'd be to much like last season where the adults have to look out for her. Now she's really independent and rarely relies on the help of others. So I think the change was good and necessary.

  • When Clem is patching herself up in the shed, she starts with the needle by saying something like, "Just how Christa showed me". Since Christa obviously lost her child, it left me wondering whether or not Clem had to perform some kind of C-section and whether or not we'll figure out what's happened to Clem over the last year and a bit as Rebecca goes into labour.

    My advice is to be patient; I'm sure you'll find out what Christa and Clem went through on their own eventually.

  • Clementine is precocious enough for an 11 year old... If she were 9-10 it would be even more unbelievable...

  • She was just too young and little to be of any actual use. Sure, she helped Lee a lot, but if you compare her to S2 Clem, she almost completely helpless. And, even if the game is based on character interactions and development, I need at least a little action.

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