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What is everyone else's story?

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I'm curious to see what you guys think happened to everyone else early into the apocalypse and right before. I think a similar thread like this was made, but I'm not sure.

How I think the group got together- I think Luke's family had died early on, so he decided to tag along with Nick and his. They all survived for a while, then ended up at carver's camp. They thought they would be safer there, but apparently they decided to leave (according to Carlos) and met up with Rebecca, alvin, Sarah, and Carlos. They all had the same idea to leave. They thought they would be stronger together.

I think Rebecca had known both Alvin and Carver before the apocalypse, but she was of course married to Alvin, I think in fear of Alvin finding out the baby could maybe not be his, she convinced Alvin that they would be safer and stronger on their own. Then they mat the others, and left with them.

I think Sarah lost her mom in the apocalypse, and Carlos didn't think she could handle Sarah knowing what the world was like because he thought the loss of her mom messed her up maybe. So he always protected her, not telling her much, and not teaching her how to use a gun. Thinking Carver's camp wasn't safe for her, I think he then decided to leave with the others.

I hope you liked it. What do you guys think happened?

  • Well Luke, Nick and Pete (And Nick's Mom) all knew eachother way back when so they been toghether since the start and I'm gonna say that Alvin, Rebecca, Carlos and Sarah we're on the group Russell mentions he went away from. So I think they did the same, then I guess they met up with Carver and all that mess came into hand.

    Or... Aliens of course

  • This is more of a Character Analysis then telling a story.

    -I think Luke is an orphan and that he lost his parents way before the apocalypse, In his teenage years or so (I concluded this as he seems at ease when mentioning his folks)He might have been raised by his aunts and uncles
    -Nick and Luke are childhood friend.
    -Nick and Luke had part time job, I imagine Luke being a bartender.
    -Nick's family treated Luke as their family because he was a outgoing active boy who cared for Nuke....
    -Nick is a mama's boy :D
    -Nick and Luke always tried hitting the ladies at the bar but it didn't work (lol)
    -Luke and Nick knew Carver before ZA....but not so much to know that Carver is a jerk.
    -They met Rebecca and Carlos at Carver's community.
    -Carlos might have been a local clinic doctor at a more urban place, where Sarah would get special care for her disability. He joined Carver.
    -Rebecca and Alvin were rescued by Carver.

    I think that's all of my theories for now ...about Luke e-e;

  • Here are some of my headcanons about the characters' pasts:

    • I kinda assumed that Luke and Nick/Nick's mom/Pete were from the same hometown.
    • Luke seems like the college dropout type to me, like he had big plans to go away to a big fancy school, but failed out in his first or second semester.
    • I think Nick didn't go to college and didn't really plan to do anything outside of his hometown.
    • Luke and Nick were good friends before the outbreak, but I don't think they were "you're the first person I'm going to look for during the apocalypse" best friends. I think Luke wound up with Nick and his family by coincidence. Like he and Nick just happened to be hanging out when the outbreak started. Maybe Pete was urging them to leave, Luke insisted on stopping by his parents house, he found them dead, and Pete was like "Well, you're with us now, boy." Not that I don't think that Nick was happy to have his friend with him, but I doubt his first reaction to the outbreak was "We need to go find Luke because he's my BFF4LYFE!"
    • I feel like Carlos lost his wife before the apocalypse and he's always been super protective of Sarah after that.
    • I also think that he and Sarah joined Carver's community very early into the outbreak.
    • I think Rebecca/Alvin also joined Carver's community pretty early on.
    • I could see some one-sided martial problems between Rebecca and Alvin, mostly on Rebecca's side. Like she feels immense guilt that she's been unable to get pregnant and some resentment towards Alvin because of it (since Carver got her pregnant, I think it's safe to assume the infertility was on Alvin's part).
    • I think Rebecca had a thing going on with Carver for a while. Not a full-fledged affair, but kinda like the Bonnie/Leland situation - flirting and sneaking around. I think it cumulated into a one-night sexual encounter, which Rebecca deeply regretted, and which drove her to leave Carver's camp.
  • That's why we need more hubs! At least for the next episode, just to get to know the characters a bit more and a little background information.

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