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Determinant Deaths?

posted by casdow90 on - Viewed by 2.2K users

A lot of people wonder how the determinant deaths are gong to affect the story. I began wondering if these determinant death are designed to make room for more characters, namely the other 400 days characters. Thoughts?

  • Honestly, I think telltale made ​​the biggest mistake in by putting Carley and Alvin as determinant characters.

  • Hmm, that's a possibility, I think Alvin will probably die regardless, it would be interesting if TTG let Nick live or at least until EP5. Besides the two determinant characters so far, I think there will be a lot of death and sad moments this season...prepare for a feel trip people.

  • I think 400 days characters will come and go independently of the determinate characters. Hopefully these characters won't be mirrors of each other (IE, choose one or the other, but they die in the spot anyway). Or even if they don't die in the exact spot, die right in the opening of the next episode. Nick lived in mine, if he dies right away I'll be pissed. Not because I liked him as much as I thought he added an interesting character and storyline.

  • I think it would be hard to create the story if it were not the case that somewhere in the near future, they die. If a character is able to die early in the series then he/she should not have too much effect on the future of the series. There is only so many "what if" scenarios telltale can make with the series.

  • Well, I've been counting and... yeah...

  • Well... Doug and Carley lived for 2 more episodes after their deaths. Maybe Nick and Alvin can live for three. At least Nick, because... Fuck it, you saw my picture.

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