Ok, before the comments start I know he is in the TV universe and the game is set in the comic!!!!!! What I am saying is that he is an amazing character. Why all the hate? I like to think that Daryl is so where in the comic verse. He never met Ricks group and him and. Merle are on the road. Imagine Clem being badass with Daryl!


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    no no no no...................no. I love the tv show and I love Daryl's character but they should stay as separate as possible. Plus what would be the point of having him in the game? because you know he won't be killed

  • You don't know. I never expected Dale to be killed off

  • Might want to spoiler tag that.. not everyone has watched the show yet. For example, I haven't... but definitely plan to.

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    I don't hate Daryl, but I would hate it if he was included in the game. He'd take out the immersion. Not to mention he'd also be immune to any mortal danger. Plus, it wouldn't work due to the timeline anyways. I'm pretty sure Telltale's version is ahead in the apocalypse compared to where the show is at the moment. In addition, they'd probably have to pay royalties for them to include him.

    Aaand don't forget about this:

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    His character already had his chance. Unfortunately, AMC and Activision blew it.

  • Daryl should stay in the show in my opinion, I'm not saying he's a horrible character or anything but he already had his own game and it's time to give Telltale their own shot. Besides, at this time Merle would be dead, Daryl would be with Rick's group.

  • nah he is cool but nah

  • Dale died over two years ago. That's well past the expiration for needing spoiler tags for TV shows.

  • "at this time Merle would be dead, Daryl would be with Rick's group."

    Yes, but you're talking about the TV universe. In the comic (and therefore game) universe, Daryl and Merle never met Rick's group, and who knows if Merle is dead; or if Daryl is dead, or whether they were either ever born... But anyway, it wouldn't break any continuity if Daryl met Clementine. Not saying he necessarily should though....

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    no he is nowhere in the comic universe I am pretty sure kirkman said that himself but don't take my word for it but daryl being in the game is a very bad idea no one wants it, kirkman does not want it and I bet telltale does not want it either this is you second thread if I remember correctly no one wants daryl in the game or comic you want a game with daryl? go play that piece of shit survival instinct

  • they only killed him off cause the actor who played dale was good friends with the show writer that amc kicked off (can't remember his name) people who read the comics knew dale was gonna die just not that early

  • Wanna hear a good joke? Survival Instinct

  • No, I like Daryl, but he should remain in the show and only the show. Plus, TTG already gave us a badass crossbow wielder with a heart of gold. His name was Pete. RIP you magnificent man.


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  • Imagine Clem being badass with Daryl!

    No.... My Clem will hit him with so much sass making him wish he was dead.

    Seriously though, no, it won't happen. And please stop making threads about it....?

  • This madness needs to end...

    Daryl is one of my favorite characters in the TV Series. That said, the TV series is where Daryl should stay...not in the comics and DEFINITELY not in the game. The community will never warm up to this idea. It doesn't matter how many times you attempt to pitch it, or in what way.

    If you want Daryl in the game so badly, write a crossover fanfic or something. Nobody is stopping you.

  • The reason its a bad idea is because Daryl is just too cool for this setting, everyone in the game have their pros and cons but Daryl is pretty much flawless.

  • Pete, why the hell did you have to die so early?! As our good friend Morgan said, " People like you, the good people, they always die. The bad people die, too. But the weak people, the people like me, we have inherited the earth.”

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    Yeah, I bet its pretty easy to say that having already watched it. Its still not fair to the people that plan on watching in the future.

  • The game is set in the comic universe. Daryl is not in the comics.

  • That's the funniest thing I've seen all week! Somebody, give this man a prize!

  • A lot of what makes Daryl is how the actor portrays him. You can write in a character named Daryl and give him a crossbow but it wouldn't be the same person.

  • Daryl is awesome, and the main reason I still watch the show. But, I wouldn't really want to see him in the game.

  • Also, Darth Vader is Luke's father. Gee, I'm such a bastard.

  • I don't see how Daryl is all that bad ass. He knows how to shoot an arrow and he knows how to kick some zombies... Ben could probably do the same thing but would anyone call him bad ass? Of course not.

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    Yes? I know that. I was only pointing out that the game is ahead time wise. So unless for some reason AMC wanted to potentially spoil parts or the whole of Daryl's fate that lies in the future by pushing him into Telltale's version, it wouldn't work no matter how you spin it. At least not logically.

  • He can have this cookie :D

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    I still hear of people starting to watch the walking dead all the time. It's a series that is still growing in popularity. I didn't get into TWD universe until a little over a month ago. Just because you're up to date on the show doesn't mean everyone else should be. There are a ton of people out there that are just getting into it. Taking 2.2 seconds to spoiler tag something isn't going to kill you.

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