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Walking Dead cast? Who would you pick?

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Say they were gonna make a movie, based on the game.
Who do you think would be perfect for the roles?

Here are mine....

Denzel Washington, or Will Smith, as Lee.
Viggo Mortensen, as Kenny.
Helen Hunt, as Katja.
Dakota Goyo, as Duck.
Sam Elliot, as Herschel.
Tony Shaloube, as Omid.
Halley Berrey, as Christa.
Jennifer Aniston, or Jennifer Garner, as Carly.
Angelina Jolie, as Lilly.
Sam Shepard, as Larry, ( he may not be big like Larry, but he can definitely pull off the attitude).
Shia LaBeouf, as Ben.
Mathew Broderick, as Mark.
Keith Caridine, as Chuck.
Willem Dafoe, as the Stranger. ( Who does crazy better than him)?
Nicolas Cage, as Nate.
Alan Alda, as Vernon.
Ed Harris, as Carver.
William Hurt, or Tommy Lee Jones, as Pete.
Chris Evans, or Chris Pine, as Luke.
Lindsay Lohan, as Bonnie, ( I'll admit, that's a cheap shot). Kathy Bates, as Brenda St John.

As for a director, I would pick either James Cameron, Ron Howard, or Steven Spielberg.

How about you?
List the ones you'd think would be best suited.
And tell me what you think of the list I've assembled.

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