• I dislike Becca for just about the same reasons. Not only is she rude and annoying, she's also really reminding me of Larry, just younger. I don't know why.

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    She's okay I guess

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    I don't LIKE her bu I don't dislike her either like many people do, At the end of the day she's still a kid living in the ZA so you can't judge her for being the way she is.

    • Clem lives in the ZA and she's not a psychopath

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        Eh, Becca is not a psychopath, Sorry. She is just a girl that has been affeccted by growing in such environment. If when we see her again she is killing people in cold blood like Carver does then you're right. She is probably the most annoying character on this game sure but that doesn't make her a serial killer or anything like that.

      • Calling Becca a psychopath is a bit of a stretch to be honest. Sure, she may be annoying to some people(including myself) but I think it's too early to judge her.

        To answer the OP's question: Well, I don't like her, but I don't hate her either. If anything she reminds me of Carl in the beginning.

        Edit: Replied to you a bit late, there's no need to answer:).

      • but clem is only 11 beeca is probably around 13 or 14 years old puberty is most likely taking a toll on her attitude plus stuff she has probably seen has also taken its toll on her attitude

  • Becca isn't the annoying mean character we saw, and it annoys me when people hate her and want her to die.

    She is a teenager who wants to appear far stronger than she is.

    Take a look at her face if you choose to kill the intruder and you'll see what I mean.

    Also the way she refuses to shoot Stephanie after offering.

    She's just scared and surrounded by adults, which gives her pressure to try and prove herself to them, to show she is capable of the things they are.

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    Like others have said i don't hate Becca but i don't like her either, I also didn't find her too annoying apart from when she did stupid things like leaving the safety of the gas station or scaring Shel who could have shot her if she had a gun. I am looking forward to seeing how she has changes since 400 days.

  • I like her, because she's a complex and flawed character. I feel like she's putting on a tough act and generally acting like a bratty teen. becca feels betrayed and vindictive toward Steph, partially because she isn't mature enough to empathize with her or understand her reasons for going against the group.

    One of the most telling moments from Shel's episode is when Becca says something along the lines of "fine, I'll do it then." When I called Becca on her bluff and told her to go ahead, she seem horrified by the prospect of actually going through with the execution.

    tl;dr: Becca isn't a dangerous sociopath, just a scared, slightly bratty teen who tries to act like a badass as a coping mechanism. I don't think she will be friends with Clementine, but she will begrudgingly respect her over time.

    • This. So much this.

    • Shoot, Clem does a little bit of the same thing in season 2. The moment she is with the new group, you can choose dialog to give Clem a similar attitude where she tries to act more brave and mature than she seems (her being an 11 year old kid). And before the downvotes start, I'm not saying Clem is as extreme as Becca when it comes to putting on the "tough-guy" face. Whereas Becca does it to be taken seriously and not treated like a kid, Clem does it purely out of a means to survive and not be taken advantage of.

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    I really like Becca. Almost too much.

  • She's inconsistently written.

    The writers probably went, "Oh shit everyone's picking sassy Clem options and threatening the pregnant lady with blackmail pull it back pull it back" and gave her overly deferential and conciliatory dialogue in pick-ups for ep2.

    Didn't work. I'm still going to try to get her to fall belly first on a bear trap before Kenny suplexes a crate of canned peaches on her head.

    • Wrong Becca. But I agree...except for the part with the peaches...and horrific mutilation.

    • Firstly, you seem to be writing about Rebecca, not Becca.

      Secondly, she is not inconsistently written. The way you treat a stranger is very different to someone who you are beginning to see as a friend and have absorbed into the group.

      Lots of people didn't trust Omid and especially Christa when they first met them, but 3 days later and they were telling them to take care of Clementine.

      It would only be inconsistent if she reacted completely differently at times during the same situations and dynamics.

      • Rebeccas/Beccas/Becs are consistently horrible people in TWD and I unironically lust for their deaths. The counter-example of Omid and Christa compared to someone who literally wanted to torture and execute Clementine is hilarious.

        On the subject of other Rebecca, she's terrible too and should've been repurposed as a watch-dog or plantfood for Boyd's garden.

  • People think that the aggressive personality is actually her real personality, when she's actually just putting up a front to probably impress Roman and stop Shel from worrying about her.

  • I had no reason to hate her and I followed her good advice in the case of traitor Stephanie.

    • I just left the camp. I was hoping that by doing that, Becca would be able to grow up in an environment that just completely is unknown to situations like that. I honestly think when Stephanie did was justifiable. I would have done the same thing, leaving a group I didn't want to be apart of.

      • Leaving is one thing, but trying to steal food and weapons from a group which has elderly people and child is another. It's a death sentence to those who are left behind and it's especially harsh if members of the group are your friends, like Shel and Becca obviously were Stephanie's friends.

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