A good way to get in touch with telltale?

I've often noticed that Telltale can be very hard to reach. but I was wondering what the best way is, because there's a bunch of ps vita players who feel awful neglected right now, after "tracking for the end of march" became "near the end of march" which, by the way, would've been about 5 days ago. so the point of the matter is, I'd like to know the quickest and most direct way for them to contact telltale.


  • Stand outside of their office and scream things.

  • Work for telltale. Sadly, aside from vigorous commenting on forums (specifically this one), I don't know of any other options.

  • Have you tried contacting support? I don't know exactly what your issue is, but they have always answered to me when I have had problems with their games or with their shop.

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    Ride on a blimp with a big smilie face on it and knock on their window. That should get their attention. I mean, it worked for Joker didn't it?

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    Why would i want to get in touch with Telltale, after they have been giving us so much appropriate news about there release dates lately?

    Their PR people are working their asses off, to give us informations as soon as possible and the episodes will be releases soon as possible. I am sure TWD Season2 - Episode 3 is just around the corner and will be released super soon and probaply even much sooner than we think!

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    Telltale to Ps vita players ^

    As a Vita player pissed me off even if get answer if share get banned can't win end of march not like were just moaning about nothing like trying to piss us off broke their promise said nothing not sure what's going on

  • They will contact you soon enough, don't worry ;^D

  • They probably have millions of people contacting them per minute....

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    Their support address is support@telltalegames.com

    They did mention that they were aiming towards the end of March (note that the end of March and near the end of March was just the topic of the title on these forums, which was set by me, a volunteer moderator - Telltale only ever used the term towards the end of March), so chances are they're either in the submission process or waiting for Sony to set a release date. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now.

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