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Sam & Max: language changing

posted by Matt' on - last edited - Viewed by 379 users
Hi there, i'm french and bought the sam and max's first season on this website.

It was an english version, I didn't mind untill I realised that the weird sentences of sam won't help me... so I tried to make the game become french with a french version of it, and i finally made characters speak french, but all things that are written are still in english. I'd like to know if there was a way to change it?
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  • Where did you get the French version? We don't sell foreign language versions of the games from our website. My understanding is that if you buy the French retail version, you'll get French voices and subtitles...?

    If you're talking about text in the game (like Bosco's sign, posters on the wall, etc.), only the "critical path" images have been updated (stuff that's crucial to solving the puzzles or understanding the story). The non-critical images were kept in English, there's no way to change it.
  • I found a site where I could download the french version files ;)

    And, i'm not sure i understand the thing about "noncritical images". But that's not the problem, I don't mind having english texture, the problem his the text you have to click on to make Sam (or max) talk :/ so when there's words i don't understand in it i don't know what he's gonna say... (the subtitles are still writen in english too, but characters talks french, so it doesn't bother me)

    I hope i'm clear ^^ and thanks for the help
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