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So who is the strongest Fable?

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In teh fable universe, if a fable's story is well known in the mundie world, they are stronger. Which is the most known story then? I'm gonna assume its Bigby's but it could be Beast's or something.

  • From the game so far, it's Bigby. In the comics, there are several characters that could crush Bigby with minor effort. Im only at issue 45 I think so I havent seen everything. The D'jinn or Genie, however you want to call them, are considered to be destroyers of worlds essentially. I don't think that's a spoiler because you'd figure they're capable of this considering they can fulfill every wish.

  • For power, Frau Totenkinder probably. There's also of course Mr Dark, Genies and other more mystical fables.

    For psychical strenght, Bigby is actually much stronger in the comics than Telltale portrayed him in the game. He just shapeshifts in and out of wolf form, none of that controlling your rage crap. He's in perfect control when he's in wolf form and could have easily blown away the brothers and the entire car with his huff n puff.

    BTW, If a fable is more known in the Mundy world they're just harder to kill, not actually stronger.

  • It's a pretty difficult choice. Probably Bigby, being the Big Bad Wolf is one of the strongest, but not THE strongest Fables of all.

    Physically speaking, there are Fables that can match him in strenght. The Woodsman for example. Even if at your first encounter you beat him up, you should remember that at the moment he was drunk as hell and didn't use the axe. Also he recovered from the injuries of the fight much faster than Bigby (in human form). Also, The Woodsman defeated the Wolf in their Fable, so there you go.

    Another possible match is Beast. I highly doubt that what we saw is the real final form of Beast. A pair of tiny horns and red eyes don't make you a monster, and Bigby had to transform in his basic 'wolf form' to fight him. Also, Beast was able to regenerate both his eyes in seconds after BIgby gauged them with his claws. If we ever get to see Beast's final form, I think it would be stronger than Bigby.

    On a magical point of view, every witch I stronger than bigby. Even Aunty Greenleaf could kill him with a spell, I think. I don't wanna imagine what Frau Totenkinder could do to him if he pissed her off.

  • Physically its probable one of the giants. Famewise its Jack after his Hollywood stunt.

  • I think Beast is a whole level stronger than Bigby. Bigby got super human strength AND agility while
    Beast is much bigger and much taller than him and he probably outweighs him twice, or more (Pretty accurate guess I think).
    He got big claws(if not bigger than B) and big predator teeth just like Bigby. I don't understand why Beast couldn't possibly be stronger than Bigby.
    He's a giant ruthless beast. Also he restored from the eye wound in matter of seconds and he could probably handle more gunshots than the Wolf(Based on his size, weight and old history). He should be able to easily flip cars. I actually think he could be pretty agile too (able to climb up buildings maybe). If he is a good fighter or not I don't know and Bigby is probably better.

    Bigby: Claws, good fighting skills, strength, agility, speed
    Beast: Claws, small fighting skills, strength, size, weight.
    Beast is obviously more of a tank than Bigby. I don't know if the Telltale developers agree with me though.

    When It comes to Grendel, he is pretty darn strong, but still slow as fuck. That's why Bigby was easily able to stop him.
    Grendel is either as strong as Bibgy (final form of course) or a little bit stronger. The problem is that Bigby is just so darn much faster than him.

    • I wouldn't say that Beast has a size advantage over Bigby... when they fought in the comic they were pretty evenly matched.

      • I don't really understand why Bigby is so big in the "comics".
        It seems so unrealistic to me how incredible big he is there. He's as big as an elephant(how incredible stupid is that).
        Anyway, I'm talking about the telltale games one. Have you seen the last episode because it seems to me that Bigby is
        In his final form there(not sure). He is roughly the same size as Human Bigby just much more muscular and heavier (maybe 2 inches taller).
        While Beast should be a 6'10 tall 550 pound heavy tank. I can't see telltale games making beast a little bigger than human form.
        Just look how big and monstrous the Disney version is. He's definitely partly based on him.

    • In there hotel fight forms yeah but in final form bigby is a T. rex sized wolf he is way bigger than beast

      • I don't think I understand the fables "comics"(not telltale version) logic here.
        Why is Bigby so incredible oversize and exaggerated? When I think of a Big bad wolf, I think of a wolf slightly bigger than a normal wolf.
        Like a pack leader wolf. Not a fucking mammoth!

        Btw Beast is pretty fucking big in the comics version too. Almost as big as bigby Aaand he has arms to fight with which Bigby don't.

        I thought Bigby's biggest form was the one from episode 3 ending.
        He's not that big there. Just incredible strong and ruthless.
        Check it out if you haven't

  • Humpty Dumpty, without a doubt.

  • Well, right off the bat, Bigby is a demigod from what I've gathered, not to mention being a wolf the size of an elephant, so as far as sheer physical strength, his final form probably takes the cake. It's worth noting, however, that the game seems to have downplayed many of Bigby's strengths (as, from what I've read, most of them would make the story trivial), so it's possible he's not quite as powerful in TWAU as the comics would lead us to believe.

    According to the comics, Beast's final form is able to match Bigby's, so there's that, but again keep in mind that the comics aren't necessarily an accurate comparison. In the Open Arms, "Stage 2" Beast versus "Stage 2" Bigby was a fairly even fight, though Bigby ultimately came out on top. Both of them are shown to be strong enough to throw the other through a door. In their human forms, though, Beast is a bit bulkier than Bigby, which suggests to me he's a bit stronger if they're both at "Stage 1".

    In his true form, Grendel's pretty large, and he was tossing around Bigby with little to no effort. I find it interesting that his glamoured form is actually pretty gangly for how huge he is as a monster.

    Out of all the "human" Fables, the Woodsman is probably the strongest we've seen so far in the game. I'd be interested to see a fight between Woody and human Beast.

    Bluebeard's a pretty big guy, and is known to have violent tendencies. It's worth noting that Dave Fennoy, Bluebeard's voice actor, thinks that in a regular fight between Bluebeard and Lee Everett (protagonist and regular BAMF of the Walking Dead Game), Lee would get his ass kicked.

    The Tweedles seem pretty burly, though it's hard to measure their actual physical strength given their round, exaggerated features. They're at least strong enough to be hired goons, if nothing else.

    Hans, according to Georgie Porgie, is generally the one called on to do the bouncer-type jobs around the Pudding & Pie, a claim backed up by his physique.

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