The Walking Dead: Into The Unknown Part 2

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The group is still driving out on the open road. Donald remains the driver, Clementine's sleeping in the passenger's seat, Christa's looking out the window while Junior's playing with her hand, and Jacob is staring blankly at the road while Eliza is still sleeping.

  • Donald: Ah shit.

Clementine wakes up. She stretches her arms out and looks at Donald. He doesn't look too happy.

  • Clementine: What's the matter?
  • Donald: Gas tank's almost empty.
  • Christa: Oh no. We can't stop here!

Clementine looks out the window and sees a large, rural area with farming fields that used to be full of vegetation. Now they are all dried up with some walkers roaming among them. The sky's cloudy and the weather is humid and hazy. She looks far out into the open road and sees a far-away building.

  • Clementine: Wait. I see something.
  • Donald: I see it too. Finally, another gas station.

As the van gets closer, the location's been revealed as not only a gas station, but a convenience store. The parking lots have a few cars still parked there. Donald parks the van near one of the stations.

  • Clementine: We shouldn't be here too long.
  • Donald: Yeah. Christa, how are we doing on food?
  • Christa: We're lucky if we have enough to last us two days.
  • Donald: Hmm. One of us is gonna to have to check the store for food while I go siphon the gas from those cars.
  • Clementine: Well, maybe I can--
  • Christa: Actually Clementine, do you think you can stay here and watch Junior for me this time? I can go check the store.
  • Clementine: Oh...okay then.
  • Donald: If anything or anyone comes near, roll up the windows, lock the doors, and we'll come get ya. Got it.
  • Clementine: (Nods)
  • Jacob: Jeez, I'm so bored.
  • Donald: (turns to Jacob) Well then, if that's the case then maybe you can help us get some supplies.
  • Jacob: Um, no. I'd rather stay in here, where it's safe.
  • Donald: Then keep your mouth shut.

Donald and Christa leave the cars and proceed to their respective tasks. Christa looks into the store. The ceiling has collapsed, allowing daylight to illuminate the store. Christa loads her rifle and proceeds into the store. Donald walks to the cars with two gas tanks and a long tube.

Clementine moves to back, right behind the driver's seat, to next to Junior. Jacob, sitting right behind her, is staring down at Donald.

  • Jacob: What a shit head. Talking to me like that.
  • Clementine: Hey, watch your language.

Jacob just stares at Clementine, who's glaring at him, and starts to laugh.

  • Jacob: Seriously?! It bothers you that I said shit?!
  • Clementine: Well that, and you're being mean to Donald. It's not nice. You should be more respectful.
  • Jacob: I'll be sure to show him respect when he brings me food.

Suddenly, Eliza starts to slowly wake up. Clementine moves from her side to the other to get to her. Clementine carefully holds Eliza's head while she get's up. Eliza opens her eyes

  • Eliza: ...Mom...?

Clementine suddenly remembers what happened to Eliza's mom. She quickly corrects her.

  • Clementine: It's Clementine.
  • Eliza: Oh...(chuckles) Hey, Clem. You can let go of my head now.
  • Clementine: (puts arms down) How do you feel?
  • Eliza: Better...I think. My head doesn't hurt so much anymore. (She touches her head and feels the bump) Ow!
  • Clementine: Careful.
  • Eliza: How did...where are we? Where's--

Jacob cuts Eliza off mid-sentence with a hug.

  • Jacob: I'm so glad you're okay!

Eliza looks at Jacob. She doesn't seem as happy to see him.

  • Eliza: Wait...I remember you.
  • Jacob: Thank God you're fine!
  • Eliza: You...that man...(touches the bump on her head)...he hit me...after you told him I wasn't who he thought I was...
  • Jacob: Yeah, but you were gonna get yourself killed. All so you can save this loser (gestures to Clementine).

Eliza starts attacking Jacob by slapping him repeatedly.

  • Jacob: OW! STOP!!

Clementine tries to break them up. The screaming has caused Junior to start crying. While aimlessly swatting at Jacob, Eliza notices Clementines handgun resting in the cup holders. She stops attacking Jacob, moves Clem aside, grabs her gun, and exits the car.

She backs up and aims her gun at Jacob's window. Clementine steps out with her hands in the air and stands in front of the window, trying to keep Eliza from killing Jacob.

  • Clementine: Eliza, please don't!
  • Jacob: It's because of him that place we had is gone!! He put us all in danger!!
  • Clementine: No! Don't put his on him! They still could've killed you if you went with them!
  • Eliza: But I did it for you!! You saved me from those men! And--

Eliza stops and looks at the van.

  • Eliza: ...This is my mom's car.
  • Clementine: What?
  • Eliza: (lowers the gun) Where's my mom?

Clementine looks down in sadness. Eliza sees it as a message that her mom is dead. Just as she starts to cry, Donald and Christa finally arrive.

  • Christa: What the hell's going on here?!
  • Donald: (gasps) Eliza! (sees the gun) Eliza, I don't know what happened but you need to put that down--

Eliza raises the gun to her head.

  • Christa: Oh my God!!
  • Donald: ELIZA, DON'T!!
  • Eliza: (to Clementine, while crying) You told me she was gonna be okay.
  • Clementine: Yeah, I know I did.
  • Eliza: YOU LIED!! SHE'S GONE!!
  • Clementine: (tears come down her eyes) Eliza, please don't do this.
  • Eliza: My mom's dead. I have no one. I'm sorry.
  • Christa: NO!!
  • Donald: ELIZA!!

Eliza pulls the trigger.


To everyone's relief, Clementine had the safety on. Eliza gasps in horror after hearing that sound. She looks at Clementine, who's slowly approaching her. She looks back at the gun and drops it. She walks back from Clementine and runs by the adults and into the convenient store. Clementine quickly follows her. Christa goes to check on Junior while Donald goes after the girls.

Clementine walks into the far aisle and sees Eliza at the other end, sitting down crying, facing away from her. Clementine slowly walks to Eliza. Once she reaches her, she sits next to her. Eliza opens her eyes and looks at Clementine. Eliza hugs her and starts crying more intensely.

  • Eliza: I'm so sorry!
  • Clementine: (hugs back) I'm sorry too...

Donald arrives in the frozen food aisle and sees the girls making up, which brings a heart-warming smile to his face. He walks up to them and kneels down next to Eliza.

  • Donald: It's time to go now, darlin'.
  • Eliza: (nods while wiping a tear) Okay).

They get up and walk to the doors. Donald puts his hand and Eliza's head

  • Donald: How're you feelin'.
  • Eliza: ...I'll be fine.
  • Donald: Well, if you still feel a bit light-headed you can go ahead and slee--Oh shit.

Donald grabs the girls and takes cover behind a fruit stand,

  • Clementine: What is it?!
  • Donald: Group'a guys out there, surroundin' the van.
  • Eliza: Oh no...
  • Donald: (to Eliza) It's okay. We'll be fine.

Heavy footstep are heard.

  • Unknown Man: I know you're in there! Come on out!!

Clementine remains calm yet still a bit worried about Christa and Jacob. Donald comforts Eliza, who's terrified.

  • Donald: Just don't shoot!!
  • Unknown Man: Last chance! Come out or I tell my guys to waste those people in the van!
  • Donald: ...Fuck...Okay!

Clementine slowly walks out first, followed by Donald and Eliza. Clementine observes the man. White-skinned, short black hair, thin moustache. He wears a black spring jacket, brown khakis, and large boots. Clementine deems him as the leader.

  • Unknown Man: Outside.

Clementine walks outside. Four men are surrounding the van. Three of them hold melee weapons (lead pipe, baseball bat, and a sharpened pool cue) while the other has a crossbow. The Leader orders the man with the bat to come to him. The Leader draws his pistol at Donald.

  • Leader: (to Man with bat) Grab that blonde girl.
  • Donald: Don't you fuckin' touch her!
  • Leader: Make one wrong move, you old fuck. (cocks guns) I dare you.

Donald glares at the Leader.

  • Leader: (to Man with bat) Go ahead.

The man proceeds to grab Eliza by the arm, while she screams trying to break free. Clementine and Donald helplessly watch.

  • Leader: Now give us everything you have. Food and weapons.
  • Clementine: ...
  • Donald: Fuck you.

The Leader rolls his and looks to the man with the bat.

  • Leader: Will you...?
  • Man: (nods)

The man pushes Eliza down onto her knees and aims his bat at her head.

  • Leader: Let's try this again. Give us what you have, or this little cunt gets her head smashed.

Donald proceeds to take his gun out of his holster and lays it down on the ground before kicking it the Leader. Clementine, however, has nothing on her.

  • Leader: (points gun at Clementine) You too...
  • Clementine: (calmly) ...I don't have anything on me.
  • Leader: Uh huh.

The Leader walks to the van and opens the back door. Christa's holding Junior firmly.

  • Christa: Back off!
  • Leader: I don't care about you...

He grabs Jacob out of the van, throws him down on his knees next to Eliza, aims his gun at Jacob's leg and shoots him.

  • Jacob: AUGHH!!
  • Clementine: NO!!

Jacob holds his leg in pain.

  • Donald: Motherfucker!!
  • Eliza: (crying) Please, stop!!
  • Leader: I'm not fucking around, you little shit! Give us what you have or we'll kill all of them!!
  • Clementine: I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING!!
  • Leader: How disappointing.

    The Leader and the man get ready to kill their respective targets before the man with the crossbow interrupts them.

  • Man with crossbow: Shit! They're coming!! We gotta get outta here!!

  • Leader: Fuck! Everyone into the truck!!

Everyone get's into the truck but not before the Leader says on last thing to Clementine.

  • Leader: I'm gonna find ya. And when I do, you're fuckin' dead.

Expecting an expression of fear, the Leader's confidence is suddenly broken by Clementine's glaring at him. He quickly joins his comrades in the truck before they drive off. Donald rushes to Jacob to examine his wound. Eliza is sitting down panicking over what's happened.

  • Donald: No! He's losing too much! Christa get the gauze!
  • Christa: They took our first aid kit!!
  • Donald: (with his head down)

Just as all hope seemed lost, another truck arrives. Clementine grabs Donald's gun and aims it at the truck. A man steps out with a shotgun. He notices Clementine.

  • Unknown Man: Easy kid. Just put it down. We aren't here to hurt you.

He sees Donald treating Jacob's leg.

  • Unknown Man: Shit. We're too late.


The story continues in Among The Shadows.


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