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75 minutes ? Are you kidding us !?

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75 minutes for episode 3 ? Is that a fu**ing joke ?
That's it, no more season pass for me. Or pre-order, or crowdfunding ever. These are based on trust, and I'm sick to see companies using these and trying to get away with as little work as possible.

  • Look it was short and it took damn long to come out but well i enjoyed it and my 15 euros are well put in The Wolf Among Us and i dont regret buying it well it might take long to come out and the episode is short but its damn good writtenl

  • It felt a helluva a lot longer though.

  • Unlike last episode, I have no complaints about this episode's length. It seemed at least as long as Episode 1.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    I'm curious about which path you took to find Crane... it's actually impossible to see everything in that part of the game in just one playthrough, and some paths are shorter than others. Did you get to talk to Jack? ;)

    • I went to Trip Trap, then DumDee office. Maybe I would see more scenes by taking another route, but I'm not going to play the same 60 minutes I already played just for 15 extra new minutes.

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        AdmiralSweet BANNED

        Then blame yourself. Not the game.

      • Also, depending on choices of where to go first things play out quit differently, for example the Tweedledee office plays out completely differently if you go there first, it has a great replay value, I have no complaints about the length, quality over quantity is what I care for and ep3 had a lot of it. With all the different things you can do if you replay it 2x you get at least 3h of great entertainment and thats for what, like 5 euros an episode? I live in a third world country and even here I paid 5,50 euros to see the new Captain America and it was like 2h so I'd say TWAU is good value for the money.

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        CathalOHara Moderator

        You're not going to replay it when one of the main reasons know VIDEO GAMES especially ones like this and TWD where choices take the prime are for replayability? That doesn't make any sense.

    • I got to talk to Jack but that didn't made the episode 2 hours.

  • Yes, it's not an extremely long episode but it was worth it. Let me ask, do you know any idea how long it takes to make a game of that quality? A long fucking time. I know it's split into parts but even still, it's not exactly an easy task. You can hate telltale all you want but it's a stupid thing to do. Telltale has people who work their asses off and people like you take that shit for granted.

  • To be honest, if you take issue with how long the episode was, then fair enough. That's entirely up to you, and I won't even remotely attempt to tell you you're wrong for having that opinion.


    I'd also like you to look me in the eye and tell me it wasn't a brilliant 75 minutes.


    • Alright, I've calmed down since I've finished the episode, now I can make a more objective comment.

      It wasn't a brilliant 75 minutes. Half of them were touching (the funeral),entertaining (the Trip Trap) or awesome (the finale). The rest was boring (DumDee office, usual click-on-everything-to-get-clues) or downright cringeworthy. "Do you think Crane is the killer?" "I'm not sure he's the killer." "I swear I'm not the killer!" We know Crane isn't the killer goddammit, we're only halfway through the season! Way too much time spent on this particular aspect, and time is already extremely spare.

      The witch scene didn't catch me either. It was so painfully obvious that the little girl was a glamour (though I thought it was Crane, so I kind of got tricked), how could Bigby fall for that ? Isn't he supposed to be a badass detective, with a "nose" for tricks, who can see through lies?

      • Well, fair enough.

        I can see the points you make, and they are indeed valid ones. I personally thought the good bits were enough to make up for the not-so-great bits, but I can understand if they weren't for you.

      • Was i the only one fooled by that kid? God i feel so stupid.

        • Don't, man. I was pretty certain from when she opened the door that she was more than just a young girl, but I didn't guess her true identity. I just kept feeling like something was very off.

        • When she started protesting, I thought she was going to turn into Crane so I was sort of fooled. I thought she was a convincing kid with all her silly kid questions so I can see how anyone would be fooled.

          • The shaking thunder should have given out the identity though, Crane wouldn't be able to cause especially shaking thunder. I was in a Bigby mind set so I wasn't fooled. Expressions spoke louder than words at her apartment. People that listened to her talking voice would be fooled, but her expressions give her away, especially if investigating the picture first.

  • Every time a new episode is released, for any Telltale series, there seems to come the inevitable post from someone or other about how utterly shit it is and how the poster will NEVER. BUY. A SEASON PASS. AGAIN.

    I wish the episode were longer, too, but the drama queen routine is rather tiring. It was a good episode that could have been much better by being of reasonable length (is 2 hours really too much to ask for? Wasn't TWD Season 1 Episode 2 around that length?) and having hub areas.

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      CathalOHara Moderator

      This is unfortunately the internet, there needs to be drama queens. I personally loved Episode 3 though, it's actually my favourite episode of TWAU to date. And that final scene, just oozes epic. Most badass scene in a Telltale game since Lee's fight through the Walkers in Episode 5 of the first Season of TWD.

    • Please god, no hub areas. They are essentially pointless and offer nothing to the story besides making it longer. I might be in the minority, but I had no problems with the length. The story was very well put together and it adds a lot to the replay value of the game. You have to keep in mind the episode is only $4.99, and with all the variety of choices you're getting, complaining that it isn't 2 hours is kind of silly.

      • You're against hub areas? You're against giving the player a moment of freedom to pursue non-essential dialogue with other characters or examine the area he's in for a few minutes without fear of being shunted back onto the rails of the storyline by examining the wrong object at the wrong time?

        You are in the minority, I'd wager.

        As for the length, I'm baffled that a company which once was able to reach 2 hour episodes relatively consistently has actually regressed to shorter episodes with less freedom after achieving an overwhelming critical and commercial success with one of their series. Shouldn't a new series improve upon what came before when the company has a lot more money at its disposal?

        • As I stated above, I know I'm probably in the minority. I only play Telltale's games for their story. I feel as though Telltale already has exploration that feels more natural than hub areas because you can have non-essential dialogue and explore already without having to be taken out of the story. In my opinion, Telltale's games are more for people that want to be "shunted" onto the rails of the storyline because of its unique story-focused gameplay. I'm glad I can be immersed and invested into the story from the beginning until the end without having any breaks. To me, hub areas just feel like padding, usually break immersion, and slows the story to a drag. But of course, this is just an opinion of mine.

          As for the length, I don't mind the current state of the episodes. The length hasn't been too noticeably different for me than The Walking Dead but I can understand the reasoning in the episodes not being as long. The Wolf Among Us has much more variety in the choices and it helps with the replayability of the game. I think with the price only being $4.99, the improved replay value of the game, and the fact that they are great games, it all comes together to make the episodes well worth the price.

      • And I completely disagree. I love being able to actually explore for myself and also get a bit of a breath from the constant dialogue or quicktime events. And when every game of the past was 2 hours or longer per episode I dont think that is too much to expect really. Walking dead s1 was already shorter than their previous titles.

        Either way I think this episode was a big improvement over episode 2.

  • Short, yes.

    But the episode itself was great!

    And (as TWD S2 Ep2) it felt longer then it was

  • Personally, it lasted 95 minutes for me. It'd be nice if it was the 120 minutes it was for some of the early Walking Dead episodes, but I'm happy with the time amount.

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