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TWD 'What If?': Nick's itchy trigger finger.

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I've seen a bunch of fanfic threads around here lately, so I figured some of you might find this interesting. 'What if?' questions are a fun way to brainstorm and bounce ideas around, especially for those people who enjoy writing historical or fan-fiction.

Go ahead and answer some/all of the questions, or just ignore em' completely and describe how you think the scenario might play out. Extra creatively points and a free upvote for making a little scene/story based on one of the situations. I'll practice what I preach and write something of my own when I have the time. If you guys/gals enjoy these, I'll try to come up with some more.

Scenario #1: Nick accidentally shoots Clementine after she panics and tries to run away. Let's assume that the wound is serious, but not fatal or permanently disabling..

Food for thought: Would the cabin group decide Clementine is a lost cause or be more likely to take her in? How would the shooting change Clem's attitude toward the group? How would the incident affect Nick? Could Dr. Carlos patch her up? Or would he misdiagnose the gaping hole as a knife wound? How will all this affect the group's ability to evade Carver?

Scenario #2: Nick fires at Matthew, but misses.

Food for thought: How would Matthew react? Would he try to gun Nick down or keep a cool head and hold his fire? What about the rest of the group? Would he forgive them and provide food/shelter or tell them to hit the road? How might a change in shelter and location affect the confrontation with Carver and his group? Would Kenny manage to find Clementine? How?

  • Well for the second one Sarita mentions that Matthew and Walt are dangeroulsy generous so I guess he would keep a cool head if he was explained the whole Carver thingy I guess he would take them to the resort.

  • Well, I don't think we can count on Dr. Carlos' professional medical skills.

  • wont happen, in my world he wouldnt be allowed to carry a gun anymore. come one, in ep1 he almost shot clementine at the beginning, in ep2 he shot the guy on the bridge and as a child he almost shot his uncles guts off. and i wouldnt be surprised if there will be more "victims" in the next episodes.

    this guy gives the term "if it moves, shot it!" a whole new definition.

  • Well, Carl and Rick didn't hate Otis for shooting Carl in the comics/TV.

  • Scenario 1 depends largely on where the wound is. If it's in her shoulder or some other place where it clearly won't be fatal, then I think the cabin group might be more inclined to help her since they would feel more responsible for putting her in that condition. If it's a gut shot though, even if it doesn't hit any vital organs, they'd probably just put her out of her misery at that point. Either way, Nick would probably angrily defend himself at first and then feel bad when he later reflects on it (seems to be a recurring pattern in his personality).

    Scenario 2, I think Matthew probably would retaliate and kill Nick. Anybody would. I wouldn't blame him. He'd probably feel pretty bad about it afterwards, since he seemed like a pretty decent guy. There'd obviously be some fallout with the rest of the group but I think we could talk everybody down. Luke and Clem seem to be the ones who care for Nick the most and they saw that it was Nick's fault for being a goddamn impulsive idiot. I don't imagine much else changing.

    • Good point, I hadn't really considered that Matthew would take him down. I'm pretty sure that he had an M14 or some other military rifle, so it's rather unlikely that Nick could have won, had he not killed Matt with the first shot. I guess it's lucky (for Nick atleast) that he didn't miss.

  • Bump. Any more takers?

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