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Sound cuts out, pure virtual function call

posted by Maratanos on - last edited - Viewed by 563 users
I've been playing Sam & Max, but several problems have been plagueing me.

After a while playing the game (significantly less time than it takes to beat it), the sound cuts out. Starting with dialogue, moving to music, then SFX.

But that's not all. Once this process has begun, often it does not complete, because the game crashes.

It display's 2 error messages, here reproduced:

The instruction at "0x10207086" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read"
Then it gives standard options of OK and cancel, representing abort and debug.

Runtime error

Program: \\.\TGN131000150\Sam & Max - Culture Shock.exe

-Pure virtual function call
Has this been encountered? If so, how can it be remedied? If not, will a fix be pursued?

EDIT: Having now noticed a similar report elsewhere in this forum, I think I will specify a few more details.

The game does crash with this error message in several different ways. Sometimes it crashes when I access the menu. Sometimes it crashes when I have to load a new area for the first time. This could probably explain what happened to people in the other thread.
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    Hi Maratanos,
    Could you run a log file for me then post the issue handle. To do this you have to go to start-->programs-->gametap-->gtutilitys from here hit the advance tab, and hit all three buttons in order from top to bottom. then post the green issue handle and i will take alook at it.
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