• Didn't interrupt the funeral. I wanted to be as respectful as possible.
    • Went to the Trip Trap first. Seeing Gren was a barrel of laughs.
    • Offered Flycatcher a job. Only seemed right.
    • Didn't burn the tree. Why would I want to make a Fable's life even harder than it is now?
    • Spared Dum his life. I wanted to prove that I'd changed and that I can't always let rage get the best of me. Even if Dum was being a prick.
    1. Didn't interrupt the funeral.
    2. Went to the Trip Trap first. Broke up the fight between Scarface and Woody myself. Afterward, I went to Dum and Dee's office. There, I also took more of Dee's money.
    3. Offered Flycatcher a job. He's a cool dude and deserves a break.
    4. Didn't burn the tree. Greenleaf has no other way to make ends meet, so I decided to hire her.
    5. Killed Dum. He shot up Lily's funeral and put buckshot in Bigby's shoulder, and the Tweedles are neck deep in everything going on. Plus, I got tired of them always coming in and ruining my investigation, so trying to take Crane away almost sealed the deal. The final nail in his coffin was when he told me to go fuck myself when I had him pinned against a wall. I had enough of their crap, so I tore him a new one. Literally.
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