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Which group was more safe?

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If Clementine had to be with either the group from season 1 (minus lee or its too easy) or the group from season 2, which do you think she would be more safe? Consider Nick and Ben both being wild cards. The internal conflict between Kenny and Lily, Bandits and St. Johns, the Stranger (all season 1), Carver (season 2).

  • I think the new group, since most of the old group is dead, and that shows that these characters are better at surviving

  • I think the new group, since most of the old group is dead, and that shows that the cabin group is better at surviving

  • I love how neither groups are good at taking down walkers and not amazing at surviving. They could hardly deal with one walker. They would freak out. Look at the comics/tv. They take down Walkers so easily.

  • I think the new group, since most of the old group is dead, and that shows that the cabin group is better at surviving

  • I'd have to say, Carver's community.

  • Season 1 group was safer. They had a nice set up at the motel with walls for defense and an RV for escape. The only thing wrong with it was the supply situation.

    The Season 2 group just had a cabin in the middle of the woods. In fact, unlike the Season 1 group, these guys are being actively hunted down by a guy who runs an entire community and has some serious firepower.

    • My rebuttal to that would be that season 2 group had more males and ammo to protect them. Season 1 had no protectors outside of kenny, lee, lily, and carly. Larry, duck, katjja (spell check) Clem (until episode 4), ben, doug were all useless in defense.

      • I can see that side of the argument. My counter-rebuttal is that a mere week after meeting this new group, they lose (determinantly) up to three of their protectors and are captured by Carver. This is even after meeting up with a new group of fully capable people.

        • Counter rebuttal your right but it is Determinant heck after pretty much one day they lose 2 group miners (carley/Doug and glenn who left)
          About 3 months later they lose two more group members so technically you can't control that but you can control who lives for the new group while you couldn't decide who lives for the old group at all
          Heck at the end of episode 2 season 2 you could've lost only 1 member (pete)
          Beat that :D

          • Well, at the end of Episode 2 of Season 1 Clem wasn't being escorted at gunpoint to a prison camp. Also, you really can't count Glenn against the Season 1 cast because he chose to leave. The facts are that on the first day she meets the Season 1 group in Macon, they lose one person to death and another simply decides to leave. Then it's three months before anything bad happens. The day after she meets the Cabin group, they have at least one member dead, with up to as many as two more dying in less than a week's time. Determinant or not, that still matters, and no matter what she will always be captured and escorted to a prison camp. This is all within a week of knowing these people.

  • Christa. Both of these options are really bad.

    Without Lee, the old group would have fallen apart even more quickly than it did and in fact, I'd question whether they'd even be able to get out of St. Johns' dairy. The threat to the new group is pretty formidable, too, seeing as how they have goddamn assault rifles at their disposal.

    If I had to pick, I guess I'd choose the new group since the leadership situation there seems to be less volatile than the Kenny/Lilly conflict, especially without Lee mediating. It seems like the Cabin survivors stick together a lot more.

  • I feel that the new group is safer in that over a year into the apocalypse, they have gained more experience. The old group did as well as they could but they were going to fall apart quickly, especially with the conflict between Kenny and Lilly. At least the new group has ties that can't really be broken (Rebecca and Alvin, Carlos and Sarah, Nick+Pete & Luke). Plus, without Lee, the old group would have been toast.

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