Theory about Alvin

In episode 2, A House Divided, we were given several hints about a side of Alvin we haven't seen yet. Nick says, "If Alvin was in front of me, he's takes that shot." Rebecca says, "If he founds out it's not his, he'll kill me." And we have that tale Carver tells about Alvin and his friend George, who he killed. Everyone who knows Alvin, knows he is a killer.

Now what if saving his life in ep2 is actually a bad thing? What if Alvin will kill Rebecca if the baby isn't his? What if something happens and he ends up killing someone we like? Thoughts?


  • Considering Carver thinks the baby is his and they had a fling, I doubt Carver would allow Rebecca near him. It's probably just a pun.

  • Not sure he seems like a nice guy even helping clem. I doubt if he would kill Rebecca even if its not his. he will probably get depressed and maybe die trying to kill carver? because he looks to be badly beaten in the trailer

  • We only got small hints, I'm hoping he is a good guy.

  • I think shes not actually saying "kill" more like "very upset". Kinda how if you stay out 2 late or damage your parents car. Some people might say there parents will kill them.

  • That's a twist for the sake of a twist if I've ever heard one.

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