• She told me her name was Rachel... besides, it doesn't really matter, since she's just aunty Greenleaf anyway.


      And based on what I've seen, it's possible that they're two different people that switch places.

      • As soon as Bigby opens the glamour tube Rachel goes apeshit about, she instantly turns, stating that it hurts when it happens so fast.
        So Rachel was her glamour and bigby turned it off at that point.

        Honestly they had me, as soon as i saw Rachel i was convinced she was someone in a glamour, but when seeing a picture on the wall of her and Aunty Greenleaf i thought i was wrong.
        Welp, right anyway.

        • Maybe it's more than a glamour. Maybe it was actually a child. She freaked out when Bigby held the glamour. That was quite wierd for an adult to do just for a little pain it caused.

  • Cute at first, not so much after you're realize she's not the real thing.

    Also reuses Clem's animations

    Alt text

  • I am pretty sure its faith, and Aunty Greenleaf is her mom.

  • nothing, i suspected from the start that she's dat friggin witch using a glamour.

  • As soon as I saw that she didn't have incisors (middle teeth), I knew she was up to something.

  • What if there was Rachel (Greenleafs picture where is her both forms) and she died.

    Greenleaf mentioned that everyone around her died so was Rachel her daughter? Or is the picture just fake?

  • I thought she was adorable at first.

    Then I found the glamour and realised who she really was...

  • Knew it was AG from the start. Why would a child open the door? Is AG really the old witch from Hansel and Gretel?

  • Even tough I already knew she was Greenleaf I actually found her dialogues very funny. It woulded be cool if Rachel was actually a character.

  • I believe it's strongly implied that Rachel is Greenleaf's daughter who is probably dead and at the very least left back in the homelands. The type of glamour used can only be used to take the form of a person who actually exists. Clearly Greenleaf has some of her daughter's hair and can use it to take the form of her daughter via the glamour. This also explains the picture.

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