• I think she is a bitch.

  • She definitely is meant to be one, but I don't like how it was introduced.

    I didn't know the comic before the game, and Bluebeard made me shit my pants with his calm voice and thinly veiled threats.

    Bloody Mary going all "I killed tons of people and I loved it, I have a junkie look and I use swear words" does the work of establishing her character in less than two minutes, but lacks the subtlety that would have made her introduction really powerful.

  • I hope we see a lot more of her in Ep4. She seems like a very cool villain.

  • So far, I'm not impressed with the character. Just a boring generic psychopath. Didn't find her very threatening, more desperately trying to come off as threatening. I really dug the episode, had a lot of the best moments in the series for me so far, until she showed up... Too much posturing and not enough actually vicious.

    • "boring generic psychopath" Sounds like you've haven't heard about her urban legend then... If you didn't you're so lucky you didn't piss your pants when you were a kid hearing about her....

      • I agree. I was already familiar with her story, so once she had the Tweedle say her name I was like... "Oh shit I am not winning this battle."

      • Yes, I am familiar with the legend and was as a kid. They could have made her actually threatening and they didn't. I was talking about the dialog they had her spew. It was boring and generic. Here they have a powerful and potentially frightening character and they dropped the ball. Just my opinion.
        Though I never found the myth scary, even as a kid. I was way to into horror movies and the effects tricks, this is going back to the age of 5 or 6, for a simple exercise in Troxler's effect to be anything more than an interesting experiment... I actually would have laughed at anyone who did piss their pants over that story.

  • I loved the scene, it was brilliant! The best scene yet, imo. I was just laughing at the button-mashing parts because it was so epic! :D

  • I'm actually more excited about The Crooked Man. The guy sits in his limo while theses guys do his dirty work for him. I assume the silver bullet along with the axe was also his idea in case things don't go as smoothly as he planned.

  • I thought she was brilliant. Badass as hell.

  • I don't see it. If the silver bullet didn't work she'd just be chunks in an alley.

  • When she barked, I knew she meant business. Those psychotic eyes are just to die for! Take it literally or not, if you will. ;)

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