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Arrogant snow

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snow has transformed into arrongant and bitchy woman at first i liked her a lot and used to admire her .... .... i really want to play the game as bigby but now i am playing as snow's assistant or taking nice decisions to please her :-(

  • Yeah but snow always did have that streak in her, in the comics she has that darker arrogant/ controlling nature. It's just Bigby ignores her and slowly changes her into the character that we all like. Don't forget that this is set before the comics so Bigby hasn't influenced her as much yet.

  • Why? She wasn't bitchy, she was assertive.
    Seriously, she was raped by seven dwarves and now crane has fantasies of her with prostitutes. That is a real traumatic experience. She has right to be mad at crane and make decisions and be impatient. This guy is a complete creep.
    In my opinion she was already a great character in the comics, and now she's even better. That episode made me love her much more.

    May I remind you, it's YOUR choice. You don't NEED to make nice decisions for Snow. Nothing happens until later in the comics anyway so you aren't going to get with her or anything.

    You're the sheriff, you aren't Snow's assistant.
    That's simply your opinion that you are.

    I don't thinks he arrogant at all, she has confidence sure but I don't think she's arrogant.

    PS: If Snow was a man, no one would be complaining about 'his' attitude lol.

    • i know i am the sheriff but 75% of players choose their decisions carefully to please snow and to proove that he is not the same big bad wolf but she always reminds him about his cruel acts everytime and makes him regret .... which is like torturing him in an indirect way

    • "If snow was a man, no one would be complaining about 'his' attitude."

      Well, at least one person would. I would and I'm a woman. I'd probably call a guy a "d*ck" if they were barking orders at Bigby like that. lol. I don't think it's just because she's a woman. She really annoyed me when she ORDERED me (her words) to burn down Aunty Greenleaf's tree. That just did not sit right with me. It was cruel and unnecessary. It was as if she didn't care about how people were struggling to afford glamours. She also doesn't seem to respect Bigby's office. He's the sheriff and she's a secretary. He ultimately makes the call on how to handle the tree. It's not even illegal, it's just frowned upon to buy black market glamours or to get glamours of other fables. I also don't like how she just gave away evidence to Holly without consulting Bigby first. It's unprofessional. She complains too much in the first episode about not doing anything and it seems like she always wants to make everything about her when it isn't. I have mixed feelings about her. Sometimes I like her, like when she talks to TJ, but other times she can be a real pain in the rear. Just my opinion, obviously.

    • I think she's arrogant and would say so regardless of what genitalia she possessed. If Bigby tells her she isn't his boss, she specifically orders Bigby to burn the tree again anyways, despite not being his superior.

      I liked Snow in the beginning, but as more episodes have been released, I've found myself liking her a lot less because she's insensitive, arrogant, and unpleasant to be around.

      • She is not arrogant. She made herself very strong and along with that she became convincing as well as aggressively assertive and determined to do what she wants. She cares about Faith, Holly, Lawrence, Lily, and most of all Bigby. Bigby won't change Snow's mind, Snow only calms down when Bigby proves she's wrong.

      • So dismissing her ideas because "you're not the boss of me" is perfectly fine, but reacting badly to being treated like an inferior rather than an equal is arrogant? Disclaimer: I didn't take that dialogue tree so I don't know the precise dialogue in it, but consider that you were being as much of an asshole to her as she was to you. There is a reason I didn't go down that kind of dialogue tree.

        • your decisions result in different dialogues which is actually good .... but i have a question to ask you ... i think you have a soft corner towards snow ...

        • For me, it's not because Snow isn't Bigby's boss that her idea is dismissed. In fact, I agree with her somewhat regarding Greenleaf's tree. And no, reacting badly to being treated like an inferior rather than an equal isn't arrogant. That's understandable. Here's the definition of arrogant I put stock into: "making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud: an arrogant public official." Specifically the bold and italicized part is what I saw from Snow in that moment.

          Bigby's right. Snow isn't his boss, and to order him to do something, despite knowing this after Bigby makes it clear to her that she isn't his boss, is what makes me say she is arrogant, or at least arrogant in that moment. If someone went to work and tried ordering their superior to do something, I think they'd get laughed out of the office.

          • we know that she isn't the boss but snow is in her own world .. her ego is coming in the way and she's passing orders like superior officer .. she doesn't want to be called as colleague also ... and that's the reality

          • Snow ain't arrogant when she wants Bigby to burn the tree. Snow is taking everything personally, which blinds her judgment. Snow even admits it depending on your decisions.

            • I agree with you that her judgement was blinded at a point, however I think you and I will just have to agree to disagree regarding whether or not she was arrogant at that point.

            • she has to deal with her ego problems

            • I really think that Snow was possesed by Crane in the tree scene.

              Not only did she wanted to burn it, she also threated the witch just like Crane would do it!

              • Actually Crane wouldn't. Snow takes her anger against Crane out on Aunty Greenleaf is what it was. Snow even admits it.

                Bigby- Snow, do you really wanna kill this tree for Fabletown? Or do you want me to burn it because you're pissed at Crane for what he... did to you.

                Snow- They stole my hair from my apartment, Bigby. So yeah, I'm pissed, but I still know whats best for this town.

                Those few lines and the fact that Greenleaf is Crane's witch destroy your line of argument quite nicely.

                • I'm not saying that she was literally possesed by Crane or that it was him or that she had no reason to be mad... Just that she sounded just like him in that scene

                  She was really annoying and hateful in that one scene and seemed kind of shitty towards the witch too.

                  Specially after all that talk about how hard is to see fables strugling and having no idea about it

              • ya possesed by crane's love

    • This.

      I don't even need to write my comment anymore. :P


    • I have not read many of these fables, nursery rhymes,etc. things. Snow was raped by the dwarves? It was implied or explicit¿

    • I have not read many of these fables, nursery rhymes,etc. things. Snow was raped by the dwarves? It was implied or explicit? She was kinda arrogant thinking that Bloody Mary and the Tweedles would let them go.

    • I agree I feel like your all forgetting how tough shes had it and and how much she has to repress to even smile sometimes. Stuff like tht takes a long time to go away or make peace with. It's a really sensitive topic and then u find out ur boss has been fantasizing about the whole time you've worked for him and then ur right back where u started. I think she a great person I just hope bigby can keep her level headed. At the end of the day it's ur choice.

    • Yes, And If you've ever got raped, you become paranoid, and If a person are dreaming about you, It's creepy. And I think she's scared that she'll might get raped again or killed (as her stepmother wanted)
  • I think there is something in what u say , she has became a little more bossy , which i didn't 100% liked .
    She doesn't agree with your decisions , like for example she orders you to burn the tree and if don't do that or hire the witch she gets mad , then in the final chapter she says that you have to listen to her orders since she is your " new boss" .

  • Snow was subservient to Crane in episode one and she decided then that she wasn't going to be his errand girl anymore. Bigby supports her in this, that's why she feels comfortable to throw her weight around a little with him. Also, she has has a lot to deal with, the murders and Crane's obsession with her, reminding her of some terrible times in her past. Give her a break.

  • Nah, I don't see how shes been bitchy. In most instances she simply wants to avoid conflict and help her fellow fables. She insists we burn the tree because it's personal for her, this is the witch that made it possible for Crane to live out his sick and twisted fantasies. Sure that makes her a little biased, but wouldn't you be? I still didn't do it, but I certainly understood why she felt so strongly. I didn't mind her reminding us she's the boss in the end, because if someone doesn't keep me (thus Bigby) in check to a certain degree, theres nothing to stop me from becoming an all-out loose cannon. That would NOT be good for Fabletown.

    As people have pointed out, you don't have to mold your decisions around what she wants. Equally as important, she doesn't have to do what you want, either.

  • it was a shock to see snow act this way, i haven't read the comics though so am pretty much going in twau blind.

    but i kind of understood she wasn't getting anywhere with greenleaf and she couldn't ask bigby to wolf out on her ass. so yeah lets threaten her income that'll get results :S

  • I've never really seen Snow as bitchy or arrogant I'll admit she does become aggressive at times but she has her reasons ( her past).

    The arguments I've heard about her being arrogant always tend to ignore the positives she's shown during the game for example how gently she dealt with toad junior she even shows genuine concern especially if you don't go to toads first and she mentions being worried about the bruises on the kids arm. Another example the cab ride over to the bar where she's chatting to Bigby opening her self up to him about being frustrated with the way things are run and showing affection to him by asking him to be careful.

    Yes those are in episode 1 but there are examples in the next episode as well like Holly finding out her sister was dead and Snow letting Holly vent at her saying it should of been snow that died plus she did every thing she could to help make it easier for Holly by personally taking her down to the woodlands to get and body and in episode 3 even gave an eulogy which to me showed she genuinely cares about the fable community.

    Having played the game as both a Nice Bigby as well as kind of a jerk I honestly felt most of the time she was respectful to Bigby yeah there was that line about I'm not yours top lose but she did apologize after that which again people fail to acknowledge plus she was up all night helping with the investigation by bringing Toad and his son in which made it easier for Bigby and she was bound to be tired and well angry after finding out some one was glamored to be like her.

    As for the Aunty Greenleaf situation she had only found out the crane was stealing funds to hire a prostitute to play out his sex fantasies of Snow which would of brought up a lot of horrible memories about how the dwarfs abused her so her actions with Aunty greenleaf are understandable since in a way she helped Crane with those fantasies.

    • I completely agree with you. I didn't feel like she was being bitchy or arrogant at all. She was just trying to do her job. The only moment I got iffy with her was with the tree situation since I clearly felt she was overreacting a bit too much, but I also thought her reaction was a natural one to have given what has happened. I mean, two people have died and it's due to glamours and now we find out that this lady is doing the glamours and illegally? Snow had every right to demand for that tree to be burned. I may have not felt it was the right choice but I could definitely understand her reasoning behind it.

      I just felt that she was acting how any human being would act given the circumstances. No need to call her bitchy or arrogant because of it.

    • Of course she isn't all bad. I've been saying all along that she's usually very kind and compassionate, especially with TJ and Holly. I really love that side of her. It makes me hope that she can change Bigby from the Big Bad Wolf into a kinder, more thoughtful character than he was in all those fairy tales. But it almost seems that Bigby (as played by me) is more moral character in some instances. I didn't burn Greenleafs' tree, and I also didn't kill Dum, and I always took the more diplomatic route while interrogating people. Of course, sometimes it's virtually unavoidable to not get pissed and fuck someone up (while interrogating Tweedle Dee in the 2nd episode I punched him around a bit, but only because I thought Snow was dead, and he seemed to have something to do with it). I know Snow's going through a lot with Crane and his infatuation with her, and I completely understand how affecting that is, but it's no excuse to ruin some woman's life. Snow's handled everything else pretty well so far, so kudos to her for that, but she faltered with Greenleaf and let her emotions cloud her judgement. That's disappointing to me, because I've really grown to love her character, and I want her to be awesome.

      Also, on another note, isn't it amazing how nuanced and three-dimensional Snows' character is? And every other Telltale character for that matter. That a video game can make people this interested and pensive (so much so that they're on an online forum pondering the story and characters endlessly) is truly masterful. Telltale lives up the it's name, and beyond. I've truly never seen such emotional depth in a video game. You know Telltale has succeeded when the people who play their games can't stop thinking about it, and wondering "what would have happened if I had made this other choice?" and ruminating on the characters many motives and attributes. In The Walking Dead game, in episode 3, I literally cried. Lee and Carlys' blooming relationship cut short by a paranoid woman with emotional struggles was not only the most devastating event I've ever seen in a video game, but also caused some of the most realistic character development in Lee that I've ever seen in any fiction, video game or not. And then, of course, Ducks' death was almost to much to bear. I love Telltale, but sometimes I hate them too, if you know what I mean. They make you care deeply about their characters, and then tear them away from you just as your emotional bond is solidified. I know Carly and Duck were just bits of code interpreted by a computer, but that doesn't change the emotive impact they exert on you, the player. God, I love Telltale Games.

  • Also, I don't understand that out of bitchyness and arrogance we're more concerned about Snow. What about Bluebeard? Frog? Gren? Crane? Georgie? Holly? (though with her it's more understandable).

    Haven't they all been way more bitchy and arrogant compared to Snow?

    • snow is actually on our side and bigby trusts her the most .. rest all are killer suspects in his perspective

    • It's different. Those characters don't see the on screen time that Snow does. Plus they weren't bossing Wolf around. They are just bullshitting and you know this!!!

      Seriously though, Toad's assholeness in ep 1 was crazy. I wanted to beat his ass. I just was cool. Georgie was an asshole as well. Kept me cool for the most part. Holly and Been, yeah they could have been nicer, but if he does not try to cultivate relationships, I could see why they acted that way. If Snow wanted that tree burnt then she could've done it herself. She wants to help poor fables and I get AG did something that is frowned upon (& is equivalent to identity theft), so when she had a chance to use someone's skills for the benefit of Fabletown, she is not as helpful. She's emotional, should not be an excuse but understandable.

  • While I may have favored how the first episode's interaction was more about Snow and Bigby's partnership than it was an argument over their authority, I wouldn't condemn Snow's character. The situation's becoming more dire, and the characters are reflecting that.

  • I already this'd two comments. Scroll up, up, and away!

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