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Borderlands the pre sequel?

posted by ruairi46 on - Viewed by 6.4K users

I want peoples opinions, do they think this game will crossover or have any influence within the telltale borderlands game?

  • no this game is just a cash grab cause gearbox don't have any other projects to steal money from cough aliens colonial marines cough cough

    and tales from the borderlands is set after borderlands 2 this is set in-between borderlands 1 and 2

  • It doesn't look so bad. I would play it.

  • I think it seems unlikely that they won't port the game to next gen. By the end of the year so many people will have upgraded to ps4 and xbone that it would be terribly bad for sales not to port it. If they don't end up porting, however, I really hope that this comes out on Mac at about the same time as PC, because otherwise I won't be able to play for a while.

    • Honestly don't know why they don't just do last gen and next gen like other triple A games. I would prefer to play it on the xbone instead of the 360.

      • i'd assume it allows people to use current save files from b1/b2 ? and it's the biggest audience going with pc 360 ps3 gen ;)

        also i think people who want it on the xbone/ps4 are probably a small minority compared to the others mentioned above. after all they would most likely have to start from scratch

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    Jennifer Moderator

    It's possible it will interact somehow with the Telltale game. The May 2014 issue of Official Xbox Magazine stated that unlockables earned in Tales from the Borderlands will be usable in Borderlands game(s), but it hasn't been confirmed which one(s).

  • I dont know but thank you for showing me this i might be picking it up along maybe with borderlands 2 and TFTB :D

  • i'm totally getting this just to be claptrap.

    i have recently bought the claptrap gentleman caller model :P

    no joke!

    • I have the gentleman caller as well. I also know of a blue skin claptrap, and a Jakobs Claptrap figure. It seems very likely there will be some loot crossover between TPS and TFB. I'm looking forward to it.

  • I think the idea of it is a cash grab, for sure. That being said everything that 2K Australia has shown from it seems pretty nice and is taking gameplay in a lightly different direction for the series. Writing so far seems to have a lot of the humor from BL2 as well, which I am much a fan of. I'm cautiously optimistic at the moment, but right now BL is my franchise. So they've already made 60 bucks as far as I'm concerned so.... may want to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  • altough the art style / graphics and overlay havent changed its still a very different game then bl2 diferent skills make you play the game in a whole diferent way and new wepons to farm and skins to collect will be a welcome adition and also new story ( hopefully as long as bl2 story was ) and ice element and laser weapons so this game will be amazing i hope

    • The low grav stuff has been what's impressed me so far. I'd assumed it would be very poorly put together, but the demos have shown it to be VERY smooth and looks to be easy to handle. Very excited about that.

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