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  • I'll help you pack.
  • Just saw it on Steam Store page:

    "Over a season of content spanning across 5 episodes (Episode 1-3 Available Now, Episodes 4 and 5 will be released in Summer 2014)"


    So, no episode before June 21st?
  • The best of the futures apparently,
  • Well played Telltale....

    7 months after the first episode released and we are barely over the half way point through the story.
    Care to revise your comments about "not over-extending yourselves"?
  • When I bought the Season pass TWAU was already 3 eps. in, so I don't know the release pattern.... Does anyone know it? I'd like to at least get at least a educated guess as to when Ep. 4 is coming. =)
  • Probably the first week of June.
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    The pattern they seem to follow so far is a new episode every first or second week each month.

    TWAU Ep2: February 4
    TWD Ep2: March 4
    TWAU Ep3: April 8
    TWD Ep3: May 13
  • The future of talking dogs, a real Jurassic Park and self-refilling soda cups, I bet!
  • They said the next episodes will be released on Summer 2014, soooooo.....

  • Man, I really thought that TTG would keep the 2 month gap.
  • What does classification means. Sorry if I should know this but I just don't know.
  • Steam doesn't know when TWAU episodes come out until there is a confirmed release date. So that date that steam has is a placeholder, not the actual range of when TWAU episode 4 and 5 will come out.
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    I wouldn't look too much into that. The page originally said "the rest of the episodes will be released by summer 2014", then it was changed to "the rest of the episodes will be released in summer 2014", and now it was updated to "episode 4 and 5 will be released in summer 2014". Whoever changed the page most likely simply replaced "the rest of the episodes" with "episode 4 and 5". As I said before, they just changed by to in since people were incorrectly saying that by meant that the episodes should be released at the beginning of the summer. Since the phrase "the rest of the episodes will be released in summer 2014" was used even when episode 3 wasn't released yet (and that episode wasn't postponed until the summer), I'm sure it doesn't mean anything.
  • It's the process to see the contents of the game.

    You know, age restriction and other things like that.

    For the recent TT's episodes, they are always classified two or three weeks before the release (I think that TWAU Ep.2 wasn't)
  • I hope you are right
  • [removed]
  • Thank you very much, iorek21.
  • They're already talking about The Wolf Among Us? Gee looks like we'll get it sooner than later this time after all.
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    Judging by the constant updates on the Steam Database, and the early Classification, and the "cool new things" we'll get next week I think this month is a solid possibility. Perhaps around the 27th.
  • TWD ep.3 is out sooooooooo....
    TWAU ep.4 trailer plz.
  • Oh man, so close. I can feel the hype already.
  • Come on, baby, 15th of June!

    I want it to be released on my b-day, but i also want it to be released fast.



  • Your birthday is June 15th? :)

    And no worries, we will get episode 4 of both games in the summer, I'm sure.
  • Should I trust anything that dude says?
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    Oh Job? From past experience... No, you should not trust him. To be completely honest here, I don't trust anyone from their Public Relations Department. I have classified them as community moderators because they know just as little as the moderators do. And if they know something they're not allowed to share it. Their job is only to give us the release dates a few days before the episode launch, and give us vague teasers on Twitter. In return, they get to play the episode a little earlier, and wear a staff tag on the forum.
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    Huh, pretty surprised we'd get news as soon as next week. Would be cool if we can possibly get it before the end of May. Since both ongoing projects are slated to end before the Summer I wouldn't say it's impossible.
  • Hm... this is interesting. I seen this last night and I'm surprised how quick they announced we would get information on TWAU. It's usually two weeks after TWD we get info.
  • The thing that sucks about the new TWAU episode coming out so soon is we won't see TWD or another episode of this for quite some time. I liked how they were releasing an episode each month of each series, really lessoned the anxiety of waiting for a particular series. But then again, chances are the "news" we will be getting is a screen shot, so maybe it won't be released as soon as we think it will be.
  • Could that be a sign of Telltale's redemption?
  • As long as the episode is good.
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    That's not how it works, they have different teams working on each game.
  • Either way, I'm ready. I miss hearing that music as I start the xbox up for another round. :)
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  • "It's close" just sounds like a substitute for "Soooooooooooon".
  • So ready for the 4th episode!! ^__^
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    Less than a mile away.
  • My body is ready! (for news about news!)
  • ArthurVArthurV Telltale Alumni
    I wouldn't worry about this Steam text if I were you. :-)
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