• That's pretty cool. I thought it was just an offhanded comment referencing: "The Butcher, the Baker, and the candlestick maker" from the nursery rhymes/stories.

    Maybe the Butcher is working with the Crooked Man. 3 episodes in and no clues. This is pretty intriguing.

  • There's also a vial of something inside a can of "Mountain Blend Coffee" that's supposed to go to the Butcher. He also sent something to Aunty Greenleaf, and then there's that weird circumfix (a man bound to a wheel of some kind) symbol on a few of the packages.

    Since the Crooked Man owns Lucky Pawn and some packages occasionally get picked up there, I'm also sure Jack knows more than he revealed so far. Also, way back in episode one, Bigby saw Woody in front of the same pawn shop (which was closed at the time) using the magic mirror, so that's definitely going to be another place to check out in episode 4.

    The names on the residence list are as follows:

    G. Rimble - 205, F. Catcher - 206, Beast (Mr & Mrs) - 301, B. Blue - 302, J. Horner - 304, B. Beard - 401, K. Cole - 402 and S. White - 601.

    The only clue unaccounted for is that blade seen at Prince Lawrence's apartment before Bigby investigates it.

    Two initials unaccounted for are J.D. and B.C.W.

    And the Crooked Man collects some kind of egg things.

    • Hey, thank you for these interesting details!

      B.C.W.? What if only "main" words are what make official initials? We'd then get (the) Boy (who) Cried Wolf! We already know who he is and that he indeed lives in the Woodlands.

      F. Catcher is obviously Flycatcher, B. Blue is Boy Blue, J. Horner is Jack Horner (the Jack we know), B. Beard is Bluebeard, K. Cole is King Cole, the mayor, and S. White is Snow White.

      Well, that doesn't really help that much, we still don't know who The Butcher is and if he lives in the Woodlands or not. =/

      TTG won't simply hide important hints, because they know we'd eventually find them, so I wouldn't be surprised if it would be impossible for any of us to find out who the killer is before Episode 5 is even released. I'd like to find out by Episode 4, though!

    • I was to start a discussion about the initials! I thing B.C.W stands for the Boy who cried Wolf but I have not idea about the J.D.

  • Didn't Toad call the Tweedles butchers? Their office is in the Woodlands. Just a thought.

    • That's what I thought of immediately. Toad calls Dee the butcher when they he reveals that Dee attacked him.

    • And since we know that they "help" others with their stuff, The Crooken Man maybe asked them to take that parcel and give it to Aunty Greenleaf. I wonder what it contained...

      • Since Aunty Greenleaf gets things sent to her for glamours, I can only assume it was something needed for a spell. The box is too small to contain the blade seen in Prince Lawrence's apartment, but I think it's reasonable to believe the killer sent her something to maintain his own glamour as Crane, which may have been something belonging to the Crooked Man, who in turn took it from Crane in the first place as insurance.

        This may help explain why Crane was implicated to begin with and Lily was an opportunity to send another message, like Faith.

        Edit: I don't think this is the case anymore...

      • Also, I don't know why I didn't notice this before, but Bigby's name plate is missing from the listing. His room is 204 but it's gone for some reason...

    • Yea, I heard the same thing after replaying the first episode. So it's possible that the Tweedles are the butcher but how does this connect with Aunty Greenleaf?

      • That connection was just Toad calling the Tweedle's butchers, probably because he knows of their mercenary ways, so that seems more like a coincidence than anything else. The Butcher is probably someone we have yet to meet, perhaps even the one who killed Faith and LIly, but with a pseudonym like that it could be yet another red herring.

        The package in the Tweedle's office yet to be delivered to the Butcher was a vial in a coffee can, as you can see here and here. It's possible there's a glamour capsule in that vial, or it could be something needed for his own personal glamour, or nothing important at all.

  • TB could possibly be Thrushbeard, he lives in the woodlands in the penthouse on the same floor as crane and briar rose, you can check it out if you go that path.

  • i think someone else killed her but he cut her up like the dahlia

  • I think Bigby should check every place Lily went or was supposed to go.

  • its elementary my emma watson

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