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Am I the only one?

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Am I the only one who doesn't want Luke to come back? I was hoping that Kenny killed him or he ran away like a coward never to be seen again but then I see this:

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Am I the only one who is sorely disappointed by this?

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  • This is me staring at you
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      • You better watch out, you better stay down, you better freakout and I am telling you why. Some crazy fangirls are preparing their torches tonight~
        you better understand, weather you are the author or another fan, you better consider their wrath I am telling you why. The fan boys and girls will hunt you if you don't oblige~~
        ...Specially if they decide to kill Luke..and ill hunt you too MushtacheKing and you shall feel my wrath of FEATHER TICKLING TORTUREEEE~~~MWAHAHAHAHAH

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    My opinion on luke ^

    Luke coming back I'm indifferent to luke but if anything happens to Kenny be devastated the relationship with Luke to forced for my liking not want him to die but never connected with his character

  • Spoiler's Scott! In all seriousness I kind of wanted Luke to never come back. It would have been a great twist..But oh well I don't mind seeing Luke again.

  • Interesting. I have the opposite feelings for Kenny and Luke. Luke is a great new character who deserves some room to grow and change. Kenny's reappearance is idiotic (sorry, but it is) and it takes away from the new characters even though he has done nothing but show his mug this season. I hope he is written off soon, but in a completely original, eventful, interesting, meaningful, and above all not ambiguous way.

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      Feel it coming Viva but gave you a thumb. But you hope he gets lucky again right? lol

      • We feel it coming because we know it's how the story needs to play out :p People are looking to him in too bright a light, that's a death sentence in itself, but also, as I said, it dims the characters around him. He has had his spotlight and it needs to skim the stage and find a new person to shine on. So no, I hope to God he doesn't get "lucky" again! Now if Lee were to return with the excuse "I got lucky," we might be having a different conversation xD

        • lol great point never though of that characters from previous seasons taking the spotlight from brand new ones actually agree especially with way his story ended best possible way to die a hero.

          But in another way delighted to see him back never connected with new characters personally and was great scene but that whole I GOT LUCKY moment just ruined the whole moment of his return.

          Plus get all Stache jokes which I love lol

          • Exactly! His death in season 1 was fantastic, even perfect I would say (at least the death for Ben). I was also excited to see Kenny in that moment, it was great to see a familiar face (no matter who it was). It wasn't until I started to connect the dots of the repercussions of his return that I started to dislike the decision to bring him back.

            And I agree.. he said "I got lucky," and I was like

            ...............ok, go on.

          • Kenny did suicide in 105. In Ben's story, it's not a sacrifice. He could have easily gone behind the fence with Lee, but no. In Christa's story, it was very awesome. He sacrificed himself for Clem, Lee, Christa, and Omid. As much as I love Kenny, he should have stayed dead.

        • Yeah, I wasn't too happy seeing Kenny back... 10-20 minutes after the heartwarming reunion, that is. Initially, the premise of an old pal coming back can be very satisfying for an emotional tale like this. However, thinking about it, putting aside all the feels, Kenny coming back does cheapen his sacrifice to some extent, and that "shitbird" remark about Ben can be considered to be awkward under the wrong context, though I know that's just Kenny being himself, all tactless and stuff.

          If I've got a choice to see another old pal coming back to Season 2 that's not Kenny, I'd probably have chosen someone... nicer. It would certainly make the reunion that much more satisfying anyway.

          But not Lee. No. Hell no. Lee coming back cheapens his death, no thanks.

          • Haha I was just joking about reintroducing Lee. I wouldn't want that either, no matter how much I want that.

            Who would you have chosen to be the ITYWDG?

          • Exactly. I noticed that Kenny was strategically placed in EVERY SINGLE SHOT for the next 10 minutes after he was introduced. When I started to think spacially, he was jumping around between shots, which, once I noticed that, it irked me to no end.

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    Got a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of this in this thread. Just saying.

  • Maybe? I like Luke and I would be pretty upset if he didnt come back.

  • What, no i want to see more of luke. I want to know if he is a good guy or not

  • He could be recording lines for Luke's death scene. We won't know anything until the episode comes out.

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