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Sam's right hand (okay, paw) twitches annoyingly during the office scene while looking for cheese

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Really, Sam keeps his right arm extended like he's pointing the whole time, and his hand spasms randomly but consistently, and it only stops when I put the gun in his hand.

My question is: Is this a GameTap bug or something Telltale programmed into the gameplay? It's not shutting me down or anything, but something about it just feels 'buggy'.

Anybody else? Thanks!
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  • Whether it's a GameTap bug or a game bug, it's not *supposed* to happen. ;)

    Thanks for letting us know.
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    Gotcha; I thought it looked like a bug, but since putting the gun in his hand seemed to calm his twitchyness, I wouldn't have doubted it if you'd said it was a very sly in-joke taking advantage of a coding problem.

    (By the way, I'm using an ATI Radeon 9800Pro video card with up-to-date Omega Drivers.)
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    At what point does this start happening?
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    thanx for letting us know, it sounds like it could be a graphical glitch specific to your video card. Do you have the latest software? If you don't know, i can help you find out. If you see any other glitches please let us know.

    you can also contact us at 866 722 5295.
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    I decided to start the game over from scratch, but I went into the game's options and checked 'warp drive' to see if that would make any difference in Sam's twitching right paw (which had acted up from the very beginning during my first time with the game), and whether that fixed it or not, I haven't had any other incidences of the 'pointing at nothing with a spasming paw'.

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  • That's fantastic news!
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