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Snow's Past [Potential Comic Spoilers!]

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So the game (particularly the third episode) has made a few allusions to Snow's past and why the thing with Crane bothered her so much. For those of you who've read the comics, you know that going down this particular memory lane would get pretty damn dark pretty damn fast.

Do you think Telltale will explore what happened to her in future installments? It doesn't seem like she's told Bigby about what happened to her yet. Will we get a chance to talk to her about it or will they just leave things unspoken?

  • I'm up for some comic book spoilers if you're willing to share ? :')

  • Im pretty sure if they brought it up it will be touched on, especially since its kind of relevant to her situation.

  • Might want to replay episode 1. "Dwarves, the less said about that the better."

    • Like I said above, the fact that Bigby doesn't like a bunch of seedy-looking dwarves doesn't mean that he knows what happened to Snow. Even if he does, the dialogue in episode 3 clearly implies that, at the very least, Snow doesn't know that Bigby knows and has never said anything to him about it. You saw the way she danced around the issue when he inquired further. So maybe it's something that she'll only talk about later on if you gain her trust throughout the episodes.

      • Bigby knew as well as others. Bigby would never hurt Snow's feelings and won't go into further detail, also he feels what Snow feels. There is no need to gain more trust, but there is for courage, in the first issue Beauty crosses the line and with the return of Charming it would have turned into a mess. Boy Blue doesn't want there to be a mess in the business office and knows because Snow told him the rules, but the first one to know and the one who would get just as furious as Snow is Bigby. That's why even though Snow was right there when Bigby mentions the dwarves she doesn't get furious. Episode 3 would explain the only issue Crane is in though, and how far it got. The explanation would be Snow's history.

        To make it simple Snow always gets furious if anyone mentions the dwarves except for Bigby and Blue. If someone has a rape-fantasy about her and she finds out she'll be furious at the person because she'll remember the past with the dwarves and be furious with almost everyone except Bigby. That makes more sense.

  • Oh.

    Now I just feel sad. Poor Snow...

  • since it seems to be such a large part of Snow's character and the Fables universe on a whole, I wouldn't rule it out. It would definitely be an exciting topic to explore in the next episodes, especially since every episode seems to have a profound effect on her emotionally

  • Oh, that would just be amazing! I SO want to talk about that and find out stuff about her! But i think Bigby sorta knows a little, because in episode 1, when you look at the dwarves in that book, he says:

    "Ugh... Dwarves. Less said about that, the better."

    So i guess Snow told him SOMETHING, right? I dunno, in my opinion, i would LOVE to talk about their pasts. It would be so cool.

    • Umm maybe he knows but if you ask me it would make more sense that he simply meant dwarves generally because in episode 3 he doesn't seem to have any clue about this, Beauty knew though. I think the whole stress she is going through will make her crack emotionally and maybe tell Bigby about it in the following episodes. That would be a deep and emotional moment especially because Snow's voice actor is absolutely brilliant.

  • Replaying episode 2. When bigby connects the evidence about the apple,beauty says "you know she almost died when uhh....." and just stops,lets bigby talk.

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