• I remember in the original preview for Episode 2 if you saved Lawrence, it has Lawrence looking like he just vomited, asking Bigby "Where's the rest of her?" I remember it being somewhere outside (which would be an odd place to be viewing her decapitated head) so maybe they found the rest of the body. After all, it's no secret that Telltale changed the story in some way or another. We also were never told Swineheart's test results on Faith's head.

  • At the moment it's looking like it's all to do with Crane's debts to the Crooked Man. Maybe the Crooked Man had Faith killed (via Bloody Mary?) to send a message to Crane? She was his original prostitute iirc - didn't Lily switch shifts with her that one time? If the message was for Crane, that would explain why the head was sent to the Woodlands. Maybe Lily was killed to send the same message, or maybe she was killed first, with the killer mistakenly thinking it was Faith under the glamour.

    We know that the Crooked Man is some kind of loan shark guy, and that a bunch of people are likely in debt to him (include Beauty and Crane). We also know that Georgie answers to him (explaining his complete lack of co-operation) and so do the Tweedles (explaining their interest in the various cases).

    There's probably (hopefully) more to it though, and more twists to come :)

    - Did Faith switch shifts with Lily to deliberately avoid what happened?
    - Were the Tweedles just looking in case Faith left any incriminating evidence, or were they looking for something in particular?
    - Nerissa sent Bigby to Crane's room - to put him on the right track, or for some other reason?
    - If the prostitutes were murdered just to threaten Crane ("Stop spending money on glamours etc when you owe me money") then why do they feel more important and involved than that?
    - Is the Crooked Man responsible for the "lips are sealed" enchantment?
    - Why do all the hookers wear those neck ribbon things? Is that something to do with the enchantment? Was Nerissa still wearing hers when she was naked on stage? I don't remember - I'll have to rewatch that section to check.
    - Is the Ginger Boy Who Potentially Cried Wolf still relevant to the current story, or did they move away from that idea completely?
    - Dammit, where's Boy Blue?
    - Or Cindy?
    - Rose Red back when she was still in anti-Snow bitch mode? PLEASE?
    - Will we get to see Bigby turn into a freaking huge wolf and literally devour Bloody Mary? I hope so.

  • To answer to your question n°2, I am strongly convinced that the murderer is Bloody Mary herself, who killed using the Woodsman's axe.

    If you notice, the murders start just after the woodsman loses his axe after the fight with bigby, and Bigby himself told that to cut a Fable's head off the murderer would've needed something very sharp or something with magic attached to it.

    Woodsman's axe is either very sharp and has magic attached o it.

    Apart from this, no. I think the headless horseman has nothing to do about it. In the original tlae he desn't even really exist, it's just a joke made on Crane by a rival of him

  • Crane having the statute in his apt is strange. The Axe is weird though. If stealing the Axe was the sole purpose to killing Faith it does not make sense. The decision to kill her had to be made beforehand. If it were because she was seen talking to Bigby, then why did not they kill him/Snow when they had the chance..? Plus why would BM be tracking down Faith? I can't draw any definitive conclusions, but the idea of the horseman is a theme, especially if the heads were placed as a message to Crane.

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