Maybe Nerissa left Faith's head at the Woodlands

I was just think maybe it was not the killer who left Faith's head at the Woodlands. What if the purple ribbon theory is true and Faith was maybe thinking she would just try to tell Bigby everything about the ribbons after that night Bigby saved her from the Woodsman in episode 1. But than maybe her "Boss" found out and used the ribbon to kill her. Than Nerissa (Or maybe one of the other girls) planted the head at the Woodlands to get Bigby to look in to it and hope that he can save them (Because Nerissa can't just straight up tell him because shes got a ribbon on too)

As for Lilly's head i do think Crane may have left it their in hopes to plant her death on the original "killer". I think Lilly's death may have been an accident maybe Crane took her ribbon off during their little reenactment of Snow's story.

So does anyone else have a theory about this?



  • I don't think she did it but it's worth a thought :)

  • Well it could have been one of the other girls their maybe.

  • Or maybe Vivian ? she was acting suspicious in ep3 :/

  • Yeah or maybe they all could have planed it in hopes Bigby will save them.

  • Well Snow does mention how carefully Faith's head was placed and at least for those we've seen at the Puddin' & Pie, Nerissa fits that role. It does not make sense though. Even if the ladies know of the CM and the the crew, I doubt CM would involve them in murder.

  • Like i said Narissa can't just straight up tell Bigby about the ribbons or her ribbon may kill her.

    Also on a side note remember in episode 1 after your fight with the Woodsman and you talk with Faith at one point she asks you "Do you like my ribbon?" and if you reply with "Beautiful" Faith looks down very sad and just says "Yeah". I think she was trying to tell Bigby their but agree she would stop by Bigby's office. The Crooked Man most likely caught wind of this and then had her killed.

  • She can't tell because the ribbon prevents it. The ribbon is not what kills them. Faith also owed money to the Crooked Man, which could be a motive for her death as well.

  • I don't really think the ribbons just come off. Also, if they did they wouldn't cut the head off like in your theory because Crane tried to prove his innocence by making the prostitutes tell who really killed Lily. They couldn't answer because the ribbon prevents them from spilling anything work-related and they work under the Crooked Man, so he's probably behind it.

  • Where did you find she owed him money?

  • Well yes of cause The Crooked Man is most likely behind it. Also the Tweedle brothers are after Faith because she apparently stole a photo from Ichabod Crane and then Crane hired Tweedledee and Tweedledum too get it back you would find this out if in episode 3 you go to the Tweedle's office BEFORE you go to Crane's apartment or Molly's bar. Because if you don't then Bluebeard will burn all the files and you won't find this out.

    As far as i know Faith does not owe The Crooked Man any money but Crane does owes him $16,900 and Beauty owes The Crooked Man $7,470.

  • It was jack. The blue jeans thing

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    I don't think his jeans where ripped and besides Jack is one of the best climbers in the world (If not THE best). Its what he is most famous for (Jack and the beanstalk) no way would he get snagged climbing that little fence he would climb that easily.

  • I also agree with you

  • If you go to Dee and Dum's office first you can find a bunch of important informations.

  • Dee and Dum are after Faith because she stole a photo from Crane and than Crane hired Dee and Dum to get it back.
    I went to Dee and Dum's office first and went through their files and i could not find anything that says Faith owes The Crooked Man money their just after her for that photo.

    But i did find out that Crane owes them $16,900 and Beauty owes them $7,470. Dee and Dum have also been hired to "keep an eye on" Detective Brannigan and Cinderella.

  • That what you saying is true, but never said that Faith owes any money. Why are you replaying to me?

  • The Tweedles is keeping an eye on Brannigan because of what happen with the memory spell and how the whole station got knocked out for no reason, also they probably know Cindy is a spy

  • Sorry that message was meant for Finnisher

  • Also why would crane hide the body in the river if he wanted it to be found? Whoever hid it wanted to never be found.

  • maybe he did accidentally ripped it for irony purpose :p

  • He's the Jack from many tales but not the one from Jack and the beanstalk. Look it up in Fables wiki. It's stated there.

  • I looked on Fables wiki and it says this:

    "Jack Horner is an amalgamation of various stories with a character named Jack. Among the stories he was inspired by are Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack the Giant-killer, Little Jack Horner, and Jack and Jill."

    Remember in episode 2 when you have to go to the bar to tell Molly about Lilly and if you kick Jack out of the bar Grendel will say "Go fuck up a beanstalk Jacky boy" this suggest that he is most likely the Jack from Jack and the beanstalk.

  • Crane didn't want the body to be found. My theory is that Crane left Lilly's head at the woodlands in hopes that he could pin her death on Faith's killer. Faith's body has not been found so neither should Lilly's but it was because we don't know what the real people behind this do to the body's.

  • I do feel now that our little mermaid maight be either the real thief...or the leak ...since that photo of lilly's belongings show Faith, lilly and Nerissa......Which I'm guessing the real killer also has (two of the three dead and one to go) It seems she is trying hard to break that spell she's under and wants to help

  • there is also a possiblity that because of the spell she and the other girls are under....putting Faith's head in front of Bigby's Apt. was the only way for Nerissa to get his attention

  • Yes that is my theory in a nutshell.

  • Actually man i think i agree with you like its really suspicious that she says these "lips are sealed" or she is the murderer or she is hiding something really important from bigby

  • I haven't kicked him out but I believe Gren could've said something like that :) BUT...
    "In an interesting plot twist, it was recently revealed that Jack was not, in fact, involved in the Beanstalk or Giant-killing incidents, but is actually an unknowing copy of an older fable named Wicked John. Upon Wicked John's death some great power decided to write the trickster back into some later stories, but got his name wrong, thus creating Jack. John was later revived, and now both Fables exist and enjoy a greatly antagonistic relationship". -

  • Lily had been missing for ages. He could've easily disposed of the head too.

  • I dont think she's the murderer.

  • Honestly, my mind is full of fuck.

    From what we gathered so far, Nerissa seems sweet.

    TOO sweet, now that i think of it.

    That might be just Telltale pulling an evil mastermind behind a sweet victim of society. I dunno.

  • We may as well suspect other characters like Lawrence or Holly with this type of thinking

  • maybe she is hiding something big she is acting really freaking suspicious

  • I clicked on your link and it just took me to a list of people called "Jack Horner"

  • Yes he has been holding on too her body for ages that may be why he has been on edge for so long as shown at the beginning of episode 1. Notice the funny way he say "massage" i think he was really going to get her body and then begin his plan to pin her death on the killer.

  • I don't think she is the killer. I think she just planted Faiths head at the woodlands to get Bigby's attention so he would investigate.

  • the formatting of the website doesnt allow the last bit of the link
    so click on "jack horner (comics)"

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