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Yes 'Cluke' has been discussed before but how did Cluke even start? It boggles the mind that people think it's a good idea. Everyone has the right to their opinion but still... it's just too much of an age difference. If you didn't know, Luke is supposedly in his mid to late twenties. Making him twice or possibly almost three times her age and making him roughly 16 years older than her, which means whenever she was a fetus, he was 16. Would you let a 16 year old date a fetus? I may be an asshole for thinking about it like this but I just can't support Cluke, it doesn't seem right. I love the character Luke and I love the character Clementine but just stop the Cluke stuff... please...

** By the way, I may seem like a bitch but I mean well. I really don't want Clementine with a nearly thirty year old man, and i'm not crazy for thinking about it like that.

  • I must say, well said

  • I agree a 100 percent on that I think the people who even thought up the idea should have the FBI look into their internet history

    • Especially those of which who have written fan fictions about it... I really haven't looked at any fan fictions of that but i've heard they exist and with how many people support it, i'm not surprised.

      • There are people with paraphilia of sorts when it comes to this kind of thing, definitely. I wouldn't judge them, considering that I have a paraphilia of another kind which I'm not gonna disclose (but it's got nothing to do with children, if you must know). But with this kind of controversial stuff, it's expected that people are naturally going to have a knee-jerk reaction.

        I personally found Cluke to be awkward as well. I don't see them as a thing together, canon-wise. But I could understand why those who thought otherwise did so. It's a thing with the Japanese too.

        • Look, I may come off as a complete bitch by writing these sorts of things out, but I just don't feel comfortable with their 'cause' or whatever it is they're trying to put out there. I'm not homophobic, i'm not against an 18 year old dating a 27 year old, i'm not against a black person marrying a white person and creating mixed children, but I just don't feel right not reacting to people who think it's a good idea for someone who's 11 to be with someone who's almost triple that age.

          • Oh, don't get me wrong. You're completely right for feeling that way. Pedophilia is 'sick' as people put it, and it's not something people should feel comfortable talking about openly, especially in a public domain where kids might roam about.

  • Yes, they have a brother/sister relationship and I do like them as a team (not as great a team as Lee and Clem though). There have already been a lot of threads about this before but I also can't support Cluke.

  • It really is sad for people to think of a fictional 11 year old girl like this, like that thread about Clementine getting pregnant.

  • I think some people didn't understand what I meant when I posted this comment. I was just saying that you should ignore that Cluke shit and this subject won't be touched. That's all.

  • Is bringing it up and giving it more attention going to help? Nope.

    • It's better than letting them think it's okay. I have the right to spread my opinion just as much as they have the right to spread theirs, even though I strongly disagree.

      • No one thinks it's okay. They are trolls and feeding them won't help.

        • You're wrong there. I've met so many actual Clukers. I wish they were trolling but a good most of them are being legitimate.

          • I'd agree though, that opening that whole can of worms again isn't a very wise thing to do. It's a controversial topic, whether you like to admit it or not. Pedophilia is a very mature subject and just dismissing or demonising it isn't going to help anyone. It's a real psychological disorder that affects people and their lives, their families. Starting this kind of thread just leads people to say unnecessary and insensitive things like how so-and-so is a sickf*** or whatever. We don't need that kind of drama down here.

      • Except that you seem to be offended by them when they spread their opinion.

        Hey, I'm just saying man. Equal rights for everybody.

        • Theres nothing wrong with this thread. Its just their opinion. If threads like these bother anyone, then they shouldn't answer them anyway.

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          Clem_TWDG BANNED

          And for that reason, she's allowed to use that right to spread her opinion, whether or not it offends the offenders.

        • You do have a point, i'll give you that and as much as I do want people to not be mistreated, it's difficult to feel sympathy for a group of people who have members that want to see a Cluke sex scene.

          • Yeah, Thats true

          • I understand. It is a disturbing notion for normal people, and it's a tough subject to treat upon objectively and maturely. Which is even more reason why such a thread shouldn't be started in the first place.

            • So what about the people who can converse on the touchy subject with maturity and finesse? Should they shutter to the outskirts so the kids can speak I'll of the topic? It's going to be talked about, so why not also by the ones who can handle it? Just curious.

              • Well, the thing with maturity is that... there's a lot of double-standards going on. It can be considered mature to ban any discussion of touchy topics altogether, though many would consider such censorship an act against liberal ideals. On the other hand, others would consider the mature thing to be criticizing those creepy Cluke fans and putting them in their place, which is an authoritarian act altogether if you ask me.

                I guess the ideal maturity would be for people to properly educate these Cluke fans on the pros and cons of such Cluke discussions, but that's not something many would participate in. Decisions, decisions... which dialogue option would you guys choose? :D

                • It seems to me you're making an argument that pedophilia is an act of malum prohibitum. Rape, murder, pedophilia acts, and other such things are morally wrong with or without backing from government or any 3rd parties. These acts are salum in se, wrong or evil in themselves.

                  The thoughts of such things can have no repercussions, after all the mind is one of the last (if not the last) completely safe haven in existence. The moment you announce your approvement of such things you can, rightly, be labeled as a supporter of acts naturally wrong or evil. Any further and reactions can be as wide ranging as a slap on the wrist to death.

                  Inherently wrong, and punishable. I hope this was objective and mature enough :)

                  • Well, actually, many mature discussions could involve healthy discussions of paraphilia (which doesn't necessarily have to do with pedophilia or biastophilia/rape fetish) without it becoming awkward - because that's what it is, a mature discussion. That's why many mature adults considered S&M participation a healthy way to satisfy those sexual fetishes. It's actually more immature to dismiss these ideas simply because you think of them as 'evil' or 'demonic', IMO, because in reality, these are actual scientifically-proven disorders that history has shown that patients were able to cope with through pornography, S&M acts, or rape roleplays with safe-words used.

                    Like I said, if you want to go into the realm of maturity, there's a whole level of subjectivity to it and a lot of double-standards that a lot of people couldn't and wouldn't wish to understand.

                    • I don't understand the point you are trying to make here.

                      Yes the role playing and bondage (etc) experiences can "satisfy those sexual fetishes," but that doesn't mean the thought process and reasoning behind the experiences is justifiable.

                      Say I want to commit murder (I don't, but lets use it as an example). I role play murdering someone, which "satisfies" my urge. That experience is better than the alternative, but it doesn't mean I don't have a disorder that should be checked. The thoughts behind the action are undeniably wrong in themselves. Evil and demonic are terrible words to use to describe the mindset, but morally wrong is a spot on description.

                      • The point is, sometimes maturity is about being open-minded. I feel that you are over-simplifying these subjects as completely morally wrong when there's a lot of grey area to these disorders. And yes, they are disorders, not a choice like homosexuality or transgender. It's as much a disorder as clinical depression or psychopathy. People raised up with fucked up childhoods become fucked up. I'd know, because I'm one of them myself. While it is also a choice not to let these fucked up stuff affect our moral decisions, that has nothing to do with whether we're emotionally disturbed deep inside or not, which is a very real thing that would affect our minds and our thoughts.

                        Do I justify the actions of rapists and pedophiles? Of course not. But that is a totally different subject altogether. I think you're confusing paraphilia with sex crimes, because they can be quite the mutually exclusive subjects. I've had a paraphilia since I was a kid, and I've still not committed any count of sexual criminal act or anything close to it.

                        My point is, it's a rather naive notion to dismiss these disorders as something that deems a person evil or morally wrong or whatever. If you want to play the blame game instead of solving problems like a mature adult, there's a long list of people who fucked up people like me waiting in line. The whole nature vs. nurture notion? It isn't just total bullshit. My point is, at least people like me try to cope with such disorders using healthy methods that don't hurt anyone and be civilize about it instead of acting like a raging animal that goes out and hurt people. I think that goes down quite a long way to establish whether if I'm trying to be morally righteous or not.

                        • All too often the people who fuck up others were fucked up by others in turn. It's a terrible circle, my family is no exception. I still don't agree there is a lot of grey area. There is a difference between committing the act, and thinking of the act (and by extension playing the act) but I don't find the thought process behind either to change so drastically to a point that one is wrong and one is not wrong. One is vastly more wrong than the other, obviously, which is why one is looked down on and one is punishable by prison/execution (again referring to the paraphilias of pedophilia and rape only, not an over arcing paraphilia scope).

                          I hope you don't think I'm bring closed minded. Far from it infact that your post has already given me due reason to rethink my position on the subject. Also having the disorder doesn't make you an immoral person. Many things affect our moral standing on a daily basis, some are e good and some are bad, each affect our overall moral standing but none single one defines it, same with the thought process of pedophilia and rape.

                          Also about me oversimplifying it -

                          If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

                          -Albert Einstein

                          • Well, if I don't totally understand the morality behind paraphilia disorders, then I have to say the same to you, I'm afraid. :P The thing is, there are so many things in the world that we've barely scratched the surface, let alone fully comprehending them. We would like to think that we are intellectually superior enough to know that something is inherently wrong, but I prefer to keep an an open mind about these things because I know first-hand that many things are not merely in shades of black and white. Is a man wrong for being raised to be a monster, even if he chooses to be humane? I don't think the answer to that is a simple "Yes," or even a "The other monsters are vastly more wrong than him." There are a lot of factors that you have to consider when it comes to human morality; hypocrisy, willpower, upbringing, etc. And even when you consider those factors, could you really nail down a paraphiliac who's trying to cope with his disorder as 'right' or 'wrong' that easily? Like you're grading a paper? There's just something wrong (ironically) with basing human morality off of statistics like that.

                            At the end of the day, I'd agree with you that some ideas are definitely immoral to consider, such as the idea of pedophilia and rape. But my point isn't really whether if those two things are wrong or not - that question has an obvious answer - my point is whether if the person holding such ideas because his mind is a little screwed is wrong or not, because judging people based on their thoughts would be kinda extreme, and isn't something that could be simplify as "his thoughts are immoral, hence he's immoral." I think that the idea of liberty and freedom allows a person to at least not be discriminated based on his thoughts, but based on his actions. Actions speak louder than words and thoughts, after all.

                            All in all, I'm kinda glad that this discussion could be carried out in such a civic manner, despite the controversial nature of the subject. I've seen discussions like these turning real ugly sometimes. lol

                            And on a side note, I think we've gone way over the off-topic scale for a forum discussion thread. xD

                            • You're probably right. I almost feel bad for having such a deep, meaningful, if all be it skewed topic discussion. It's definitely been interesting and I'd like to continue in one form or another. Hit me with a private message sometime if you feel like continuing. Philosophy and sciences are among my more favorite topics, so this conversation was great. Anyways..... until next time I bid you adieu.

  • Most people who ship Cluke are teen/pre-teen girls that think Luke is cute. It's sick, but one day they will understand. Hopefully.

  • I just don't understand the whole Cluke thing...I agree with you, it just doesn't make any sense, he's obviously a lot older than she is and Clem is still a kid so why even bother to do the whole Cluke thing? I think we as a community feel like parents for Clementine, a lot of us don't want her to be in a relationship any time soon, especially with someone who is way older than her, that's just wrong.

  • I agree wholeheartedly; TT seems to be going for a older/younger sibling relationship with Luke and Clem, and that's definitely how it should be.

    But for my two cents on your original question, I've seen other posters comment on the look of pride and accomplishment Clem and Luke give each other after dispatching the two walkers at the bridge's entrance. Maybe some interpreted Cluke from that exchange of emotions, or mixed up the emotions.

  • Yeah, I don't get why people ship them like that. I wonder if people shipped Leementine during S1? Or if The Last Of Us fans ship Joellie?

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