• great spot here, this could be very important in the next episodes. It's surprising that there has been no other mention of Snow having a sword of such power under her care, which could be a TellTale overlook or have another meaning. Boy Blue hasn't been met yet, so unless he appears in 4 I can't see the Witching Cloak being a part of the story.

    (by the way, the definition of transmogrification is: **the act of changing into a different form or appearance (especially a fantastic or grotesque one) **)

  • Just an easter egg reference to the Witching Cloak and Vorpal Sword from the comics. Similarly the letters from Weyland Smith and Boy Blue on the desk. No way she has either of them or she'd be waaaaaay OP. I think the magical blade used to decapitate the women was the woodsman's axe, which she has been shown to possess already.

  • But Snow was acting a bit strangely in this episode in my opinion. Who was she talking to on the phone (twice)? And what did she want to talk about with Jack at Crane's apartment after Bigby left? I do not wish to imply that she is the killer, but I think she might be hiding sth important which is yet to be revealed.

    • I don't remember who Snow talked to the second time, but the first time she was on the phone to Vivian at the Puddin' and Pie to schedule Crane's early morning massage.

      I don't think Snow is the killer either, but then it seems Jack has a habit of procuring things from people, so he may have stole it and the killer picked it up at the pawn shop, so Snow may have told a 'white lie' to cover her ass while she tracked down the weapon while keeping Bigby focused on the task at hand.

  • I think the Vorpal sword may be involved, but not the Witching Cloak, for some reason... Or maybe they both are. Maybe we'll have to find a way to defeat the killer that seems unstoppable. I dunno. Just saying.

    • Maybe Snow saves Bigby by wearing the Witching Cloak and using her sword in episode 5. A silver bullet... The North Wind blows... Happily Ever After. Ends with a kiss on the cheek would be awesome.

      • Oh my God...

        Just a kiss on the cheek will make my little fangirl heart do a somersault! Ohhh, they are just so cute!

        Anyways, as for what you said, seems... Umm, i dunno, it seems like a cool idea... I mean, that, or maybe, like i said, they both find a way to defeat the killer in the 5th episode with their smarts. But i also think that, since the Witching Cloak and Vorpal Sword were mentioned, maybe they won't be included? I mean, what if they were just meant to be cameos? They are the 2 most important things recovered from the Homelands, which makes it logical for them to be mentioned, but looking back, i think it's unlikely for Telltale to actually USE them in the story, because they were mentioned. If what you or i said is truly going to happen, then Telltale would have given us a large portion of the plot in that small mention of the 2 things, so... I dunno. I hope we'll get to see them. I want to see how they look here. Slowly, most models from the game become my headcanons for every character and object from the comics. Because i read the comics after the first episode, maybe. But, hey.

        Also, i am really baffled by the achievements of the last episode... Or the fourth episode? I don't know which one it was. The achievements you mentioned. They seem so amazing. I think the last episode will be the best ever! I hope it will be longer, too.

        • I have a feeling the next episode will probably take 3 hrs to complete it. This episode was as long as people made it be (Crane's, Tweedles', Trip Trap is the longest order of visits). Nothing was left out of the game so far that was in a book, and that makes the items in the book highly likely to appear. It's just the most logical considering what happened and the achievement chapters.

          • I guess... I dunno, i wish we'd get to see those items and more characters from the comic! It would be so awesome, but i guess Telltale wants to add some originality by adding their characters. Still, wow, a 3 hour episode would be a dream come true! But wouldn't that mean a longer wait?

            • Fortunately the more episodes that are completed, the fewer variables TTG has to play with for upcoming episodes, so they just might be able to throw in some more content now that the basic details are in place. I'm expecting episode 4 around May 13th, and episode 5 around June 3rd, which by that time will see the 4th episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2, so by July Tales from the Borderlands should appear. Whatever happens, these are great games in capable hands.

              • Hmm, fortunately or unfortunately... I wish they had more staff to work with.

                • And I wish they had the development team of CD Projekt Red to work on characters and environments, but you know...The more popular they become, the more resources they can put towards making better games, so be patient. I know I will.

                  • Patient's not really my strong point, but i have faith (see what i did there? :P) in Telltale. Plus, me being so impatient only makes me want their games more.

  • Considering all that's happened so far, here's what I think's been going on since the beginning. Hopefully I haven't missed anything important.

    Lily and Faith met before Faith went to Woody's. Perhaps the killer was interested in Faith due to her family ring and overheard something that made him want to continue following Faith (i.e. Crane's embezzling of funds, the compromising photo, or his debt to the Crooked Man). After Faith leaves Woody's, she says she has to drop something off and then plans to meet Bigby at his apartment. However, what she planned to drop off may have been the letter to Lawrence left behind in her donkeyskin coat (which she forgot to take with her after all the commotion with Woody).

    So, she arrives at Lawrence's only to realize the letter is inside the coat, and enters anyway to check on him. The killer follows Faith in and sees her in shock at Lawrence's suicide, taking the oppportunity to kill her there. The killer goes through Faith's things and finds the picture of Crane and "Snow" (perhaps the black lines on the photo merely indicate that it was folded?) Her ring can be useful in sending a message, so he takes Faith's head to the Luxury Apartments around 3am, just after Bigby arrives home, and goes back to Lawrence's to clean up the mess. This may explain why later, when Bigby asks the mirror to see Lawrence, there's more blood on the floor than there is when Bigby arrives - there's no need to clean up Lawrence's blood, but it makes sense to cover up what may have happened to Faith.

    Perhaps Lawrence stirred a bit during the cleanup, so the killer moved Lawrence to the bed corner and slashed his wrist open to make sure he'd be dead and still appear consistent with a second attempt at suicide. The killer leaves just a little while before Bigby and Snow and later Dee show up, and goes to the Puddin' and Pie to find Crane heading to the Open Arms for an early "massage" with what appears to be Snow. Since Snow is well known to Bigby, the killer sees this as a great opportunity to really send a message, not knowing that it's Lily who's been glamoured. Crane leaves and the killer gets Lily alone, thinks he's kills Snow, puts the photo Faith stole in with the other pictures to frame Crane (getting away with both murders since killing Faith may be interpreted as revenge for stealing the photo), and later that night leaves Lily's head (as Snow) on the steps of the Woodlands Luxury apartments, not knowing he made a mistake.

    Unfortunately, killing LIly and Faith directly interferes with the Crooked Man's debt collection business, and now he's getting more involved since Dum and Dee haven't been very useful. The Crooked Man likely wants Crane, who seems to be the most informed fable, so he can find out who the killer is and put and end to the interference, thereby making many fables in his debt and strengthening his hold over Fabletown.

    • I would take a closer look at the Tweedles' place, mainly the files there. The Tweedles are the hired guns, because why would they write Lily's name in Faith's file considering the place of the photo Crane was looking for? The murder weapon would be Woody's axe. The perfect time to steal it was when he was lying on his stomach after Bigby throws it to the side.

      • "why would they write Lily's name in Faith's file considering the place of the photo Crane was looking for?"

        Well, one reason might be that they were seen together, so the Tweedles probably thought that Lily, being a friend of Faith, would hide the photo for her. I don't see why the murder weapon would be Woody's axe, considering both Faith and Bigby were close enough to Woody to hear someone approach, and I think Woody would have mentioned that someone took his axe when Bigby was talking to him later in the Trip Trap. Also, Lily's name wasn't crossed off yet, so they weren't able to disconfirm her involvement (i.e. they didn't know she was dead, but probably knew she was missing).

        • Remember that everyone that has something to hide is scared of Bigby. Gren was too scared to go to Bigby's office or apartment when Lily "went missing". Bigby is fighting for everyone to realize he has changed. Woody was staggering without his axe a few hours after both getting wacked by Faith and Faith's death, yet the axe wasn't there when Bigby looks towards Woody's blood. Also the axe is in the possession of Bloody Mary, not Woody at the end of episode 3. The neck wound is a bit rugged at the edge. Snow's sword is still in her possession at her apartment. Also the axe is magic

          • I realize that Mary has the axe (in Ep.3) but there's still no reason for her or the Crooked Man to kill either Faith or Lily. Also, Gren was in line at the business office not long after Faith's head is discovered, so perhaps he was there to inform Crane that Lily was missing around the same time? Anyway, episode 4 will definitely have some concrete answers.

            • Well that's funny because Crane owes the Crooked Man money through Dee and Dum. Faith and Lily are forced to work at Georgie's club. From Georgie's phonecall and the cars, as well as Crane's words the Crooked Man is behind the murders. There is a lot more, but Bigby will figure it out as well as us.

              • I don't think the Crooked Man is behind the murders because Georgie's prostitutes are a source of income for both Georgie and the Crooked Man, so killing them is bad for business (and doesn't make sense to me). But yes, there's a lot more to learn for sure.

                • What did Nerissa say about work? We can't talk about work.

                  What was Nerissa's response to Crane asking about the identity of the killer? These lips are sealed.

                  That is so far the most solid lead. Bloody Mary is very similar to Greenleaf's daughter. Greenleaf's daughter didn't make it out with her mother. Crane had to have been tied with the Adversary somehow. We know for a fact that Crane lost his job in episode 3. Do you see where I'm going with this or not?

                  • What Nerissa says about her job and in response to Crane is the same thing Faith says when questioned by Bigby. To me that just means they can't speak about their jobs or anything relating to it, which is a broad topic. That doesn't mean she knows who the killer is but can't say, it just means that, like Faith, things related to her job can't be spoken about.

                    I have an idea where you're going with this, but I don't see how it follows.

                    • Anyone that owes the Crooked Man money would be of use to him. Faith, Lily, and Nerissa are or were on Georgie's payroll who is in cahoots with the Crooked Man who hired Dee and Dum and works closely with Bloody Mary. It is very likely Bloody Mary is Aunty Greenleaf's daughter. Greenleaf's daughter didn't leave the homelands with her mother, most likely became part of a chain gang, survival is more likely if she became trained to spy on fables. Hence when Crane goes with Bloody Mary he becomes inclined to work for the Adversary. If one or two payrollers decided to eliminate other payrollers and especially high ranked ones the consequence for that would be death. Dee's line fits perfectly to this, "it's just a dead whore". The exact words written by the Tweedles on Faith said that she had an incriminating photograph of Crane. Crane is in charge of Fabletown, Lily and Faith work as strippers/prostitutes. Talk about a very complex motive.

                      • OK, you seem to know more about the comics than I do, because I haven't read them, and I assumed that when you were talking about the Adversary, that was another name for the Crooked Man. So, obviously since I've never heard of him, I haven't added the Adversary in my theory.

                        Anyway, I still don't see why Crane would be inclined to work for the Adversary after being taken by Mary and the Crooked Man. Why does Crane have to be tied with the Adversary somehow? And Crane was acting mayor in place of King Cole, so what about his absence?

                        "If one or two payrollers decided to eliminate other payrollers and especially high ranked ones the consequence for that would be death." Are you saying Faith and Lily were killed because Georgie tried to eliminate Crane by order of the Crooked Man? I'm rather confused and still don't quite understand the 'complex motive' you're referring to. Whose complex motive is it, exactly?

                        Also, the line in Faith's dossier was that she stole a 'compromising photo' of Crane.

                        • The compromising photo is the motive. Crane owed the Crooked Man money. Lily and Faith owed the Crooked Man money through Georgie. Lily and Faith were best friends at work as we are finding out. 2 people decide to free themselves from the Crooked Man by showing a photo to get Crane fired which would lead to the downfall of the Crooked Man. The Adversary plays a hidden/historic role in the game (we won't see him at all).

                          • Alright, that's nice and clear.

                            But how would the compromising photo lead to the downfall of the Crooked Man? Who showed the photo to whom, and why was it left in the closet of room 207 at the Open Arms? And why were Faith's and Lily's (as Snow) heads left on the Woodlands Luxury Apartments steps? Why expose Faith and Lily like that if they were disappeared well enough beforehand?

                            I hope I'm not annoying you with all these questions, but that's what happens when I get interested in something.

                            • Because it compromises how much money he can get, and Crane is easily scared and would tell Bigby everything without thinking. Embezzlement of funds to pay off a debt that never ends but makes a fantasy come true. The reason the heads were left in front of the apartments was so Crane wouldn't think about not paying money. The Crooked Man's friends are Georgie, Bloody Mary, and Bluebeard. His hired muscles are Dee and Dum. His driver and errand is Tiny Tim which explains why he was first in line to the Business Office in episode 1.

                              • So if I got this right, you think Faith stole the photo to show to Bigby so that Crane's embezzlement (mainly) would be exposed, which would then lead to the corruption in Georgie's business, and then to the Crooked Man himself?

    • "He left it dead, and with its head. He went galumphing back."

      So the blade left in Lawrence's apartment isn't the Vorpal Blade? If not, what is it?

      • No, it isn't. In the comics, the Vorpal blade isn't a knife, but a big sword (the first time we see it, Snow is carrying the sword and, after, we always see the sword with Boy Blue). I don't know what that blade is, tho =/ Only that it can't be the Vorpal Sword.

        • But it could be made from the same ore as the Vorpal Blade, so I'm not about to pass it off entirely just yet.

  • Honestly i think it might have been one of Bigby's siblings. Reading about his past, in i think "Bigby's Vengeance" it said he was born in a litter, and who else smoke "that crap brand" of cigerettes Huff & Puff other than Bigby. Another thing is in the final thumbnail of Episode 5, you see a final form wolf with bloody claws. it could be Bigby or one of his siblings. Just my opinion right now

  • What if the Snow we have on Episode 2 and 3 is a fake one? She acts very weird on these episodes...

    Could be someone glamoured for some mysterious purpose

    • That's just another problem with the glamours: anyone you see needs some kind of exemplar to compare, so for example the red-haired guy that drives the taxi could be glamoured, or there could be multiple people who appear to be the same person.

  • There is one more thing. How the hell was Crane able to constantly get Snow's hair to make glamours? Unless he cut a deal with Snow's hairdresser ;)

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