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What do you think of Kenny's idea to head to Wellington?

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In it he mentions....
Fresh water.
Lots of land.
And cold winters that, in theory, would slow the walkers down, if not cause them to freeze solid.

The distance between North Carolina and Wellington is 853 miles.
Walking 20 miles a day, if able, it would take roughly 42 days to get there.
10 miles a day would make it an 85 day trip!

Since the most common way to travel seems to be on foot, the group's members, Kenny, Clementine, Luke and etc, are no doubt in very good shape physically.
So the trip from that standpoint, to me, seems possible.

And as far as the danger of being attacked by walkers on the way, is nothing new to them.
After almost 2 years since it all began, they should be pretty adept at dealing with any walkers that show up.
At least Kenny sure is, and even Clementine's skills seemed to have sharpened significantly.

Of course, walkers are not the only thing to be concerned about.
There's also Bears,( mostly black bear, as Grizzlies are mostly found in Alaska, Canada, Wyoming, and parts of California), Cougars, Wolves, ( Which can also be found in some eastern states), Coyotes, ( Who tend to take down small animals when not scavenging, and a child could be on their dinner menu).

However since civilization has but all disappeared, these animals would no doubt be spreading out into other states, as they done hundreds of years before.
So those are added dangers the group would have to face!

Granted, fresh water and having lots of land is never not a good thing.
They only thing I would personally be concerned about is, keeping warm and fed when winter strikes.
Winters in Michigan are extremely harsh, as I'm sure anyone who lives in Michigan will attest to.

However, when everything is said and done, I think it's a good plan in itself.
Not only because it's with in the realm of possibility, but also because it conveys a message of hope.
That yes, mankind will persevere in the face of adversity, and eventually become victorious!

That's one thing I've always loved about Kenny, and is one of the things that has always drawn me to his personality, his relentless hopefullness.

When they do arrive, on thing that I hope is a dialogue option is, to suggest that the group, recon the place, to see if it's friendly or not.
Kenny may just want to walk up the place and ask to enter, as he does tend to be impetuous at times.

How about you, what are your thoughts on Kenny's plan to head to Wellington?

  • its a good plan. judging by episode 5's thumbnail i think they make it, however I'm sure something will go wrong.

  • Well, the thing is, it's not just Kenny's plan. Everybody is trying to head up there. And that spells trouble. Even if most of those people are fairly decent (which, let's face it, they're not), the more people living there, the fewer resources there are going to be. And winter is coming. [cue Game of Thrones theme]

    So yeah I'm not too keen on the whole "head up to Wellington" thing. But heading north in general isn't such a bad idea for the reasons laid out. So if I were them, I'd keep heading North but I wouldn't put too much stock into Wellington as an ideal settlement.

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    ItsGabee BANNED

    I think it's a good plan, But I think that Michigan would be like Crawford, where people heard where there's still survivors there, only to be disappointed that it's overrun. We'll just have to find out on the later episodes.

  • It's the new boat plan, what could possible go wrong?

    But seriously, i think going to Wellington is a very smart idea and if Christa is still alive, she will be going there aswell!

  • It beats the boat plan that's for sure

  • maybe by riding a horse like in TLOU :p

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    Kenny/Lee BANNED

    I love that game!
    The Last Of Us, in my opinion, is the best apocalyptic game, next TWD, ever made.

    The only thing I wished they would've had, is in game moral decisions loke are in the walking dead, would've been in The Last Of Us.
    But still, wonderful game!

  • Why don't people carjack any more? Everyone does it before a zombie apocalypse, but during the apocalypse does everyone prefer to go on foot?!

    • Just go to the coast and get a boat to go up the eastern seaboard. Boats are always an A+ plan.

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      Kenny/Lee BANNED

      Cars need gas.
      And people have more than likely been sifening gas like crazy, in order to keep warm or for other uses.
      And also, cars naturally will break down, even when not in use.
      For example, tires go flat, fuel gums up in the fuel injectors, batteries die,( which if that happens, it makes hot wiring the car not an option), etc.
      So just because are there still cars, that doesn't mean they'll run.

      Plus, cars can also be a target.
      Not necessarily for walkers, but for other people.
      Say if there's a desperate or violent group out and they happen to spot a car, one that actually runs, but is currently in use by others.
      What do you think the likelihood is of the violent group not killing the other and taking the car?

      So while going on foot might be harder, in some respects it's more safer.

  • I don't think that was Kenny's idea dude :p

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      Kenny/Lee BANNED

      If it wasn't Kenny's, why did he bring it up?
      Besides, Kenny came up with the boat idea in season 1!
      Who's to say he wouldn't come up with Wellington idea now?

      Kenny's not only an optimist, but he's also a planner.
      Kenny is also an intelligent man.
      He may not be college educated like Lee, but he's very hands-on smart.
      Plus he has a knowledge of how to navigate, given his history as a commercial fisherman.

      • You misunderstand me.

        The thread makes it's sound like Kenny came up with the idea: loads of people were already doing it, including Christa!

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          Kenny/Lee BANNED

          I meant more for his group.
          Granted it's not a new idea, like the boat idea, but since Kenny brought it up when he mentioned his group possibly traveling uo there, it just seemed to make sense that he's the one who thought of it.
          At least to me anyway.

          When I originally posted the idea, I took it from what Kenny said about the place.
          And then added additional details about what it would take to make the journey.
          Plus what the group could potentially encounter.

  • I've got a bad feeling that Wellington is just another "Boat" or "S.S. Salt-lick". It sounds great in theory, but things are bound to go wrong.

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