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Strong Badia The Free Problems

posted by georgethecow on - last edited - Viewed by 352 users
Hello. As the topic title gave away, my game freezes whenever I go into Bleak House, and once when I actully made it into Strong Bad's house and then tried to go to the Homsar Reservation. I play the game on my Wii, by the way. Has anyone else experinced this?
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  • I've not experienced it yet, but maybe I can add something I just found. When I set something on fire at the Homsar Reservation, the fire did not appear, but the sound is there and Strong Bad recognizes that it is on fire.

    It could be a glitch. I tried leaving and returning, and sure enough it was there. So yeah, it must have been a glitch. But I thought I should mention it, since I thought you guys wanted bugs reported.

    Oh, and about freezing. I experienced freezing twice while playing it. Once was during my first game of Algebros on my second play through - before I'd left Strong Bad's house the first time. I can't quite remember where the se... oh, I remember. It was right as I entered the Strong Bad's House location, while it was saving. I can't remember where I came from though.
  • Wow. I post this and the only person who comes is a user, not a TellTale employee.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    :( You posted it after the office was closed yesterday! I'm not in QA so I'm unable to help you out but I'll pass the thread along.
  • Hey George, check your PM's. I think this might be download related problem, so it will be easier to work it out there.
  • Okay, this is topic-related about the freezing. After having been playing it some more, I've noticed that the game does freeze up every so often. Sometimes it feels random, but the game HAS frozen as soon as you enter "Bleak House" and the game saves on several occasions now. But there seems to be no correlation between the place I'm coming from and Bleak House. I just had it happen when coming from Concession-Stantinople. The freezing itself seems almost random, but Strong Bad's House/Bleak House does appear to be connected to it.

    Just thought I'd let you guys know what else I've experienced in the nature of the game freezing.
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