• Nice catch, but I think that face scar is just her cheekbone. I could be wrong, though.

  • Well they have the same cheekbone then. Intriguing.

    • Hm. I guess so.

      Aunty Greenleaf has those cheekbones as well. I don't think any other characters in TWAU have cheekbones like that, other than those three.

      Maybe it's a genetic trait?

      Alt text

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      I'm almost positive that Bloody Mary is indeed Greenleaf's lost daughter, Rachel, now.

  • Well, that would make a dark plot twist. If she is Greenleaf's daughter and if Greenleaf appears in the next episode, I would love to see a reunion between these two but I can imagine it won't be pretty.

    • I think Greenleaf is going to be important for the next chapter, since we're given a choice to hire her as a "personal witch".

      • Yeah, but I can imagine she is gonna have a heart attack once she finds out that her daughter is alive but now she is a psychopatic thug working for a criminal boss.

      • I'm actually kinda worried that she might just wind up dead next episode, either by her own hand if you torched her tree or by the Crooked Man because he found out that she gave you information that could have jeopardized his plans. I hope not though. I liked her.

  • Definitely seems possible

  • But the Fables don't age, do they?

    So if she was separated when she was a young girl, she would still be a young girl.

    • They do age, but very slowly, it seems. I'm not sure if they stop aging once they get to the real world, but I imagine Rachel / Bloody Mary must have spent quite some time in the corrupted Fable world to become evil and twisted like that.

      It's been centuries since she got separated from Greenleaf and was left behind in the corrupted Fable world.

      Otherwise, Red Riding Hood in the Fable universe wouldn't have aged, as well. She's a young adult in the comics.
      The "little" mermaid , seems to be an adult now, too, if she's working in a strip club. Donkeyskin, as well.

      Another proof that they age is that certain Fable characters end up having kids in the comic, and they do grow up.

      • Fable children tend to grow up at the same rate as mundane children (us!). It's never really explained in the comics, at least I don't think it is. It seems they age slower as they get older.

        It probably has something to do with the age of the character from their most popular story, i.e. the Snow White in 'Snow White and Rose Red' is a little girl, but she's a young-adult in 'The Seven Dwarves,' a more popular and generally better-known story, which is probably why she's stayed that age for a longer time. Another good example is the witch from Hansel and Gretel is an old lady both in her story and in the modern world, she hasn't really aged.

        • So Rachel must have started aging slower when she became Bloody Mary... which is quite a popular story.
          Makes sense.

          • It's a Catch-22. I'm not sure how she would have become popular without having already done her deeds in the past. We hear about her deeds because she's already lived them.. Maybe she stopped ageing when she started doing the deeds and became renowned for them.

  • Maybe it's different for witches?

    • I don't think Rachel ever really got to study witchcraft properly, though, since she got separated from her mother at such a young age and was left behind in a corrupted world.

      So Bloody Mary didn't grow up to be a witch.

      Oh, talking of witches, that reminds me of another character that proves that Fables do age. Frau Totenkinder. Her whole story is about how she's getting so old, and wants to be younger :p

      The comic also talks about Bigby's childhood, so he's able to age, as well.

      • Snow White's mom was also a witch, as well as her aunt/stepmother. SPOILER! Even though Snow's mom never taught her or Rose magic, one of them will have the same power their mom had. END OF SPOILER! So the won't grow up to be a witch ain't always true.

  • If Bloody Mary is its own fable, myth or whatever, would not it have been established in the Homelands? And does not say AG lost Rachel during the battles with the Adversary? I don't know if I'd buy it. I'll eat crow though if it were true.

    • Maybe Fables and Urban Myths are two different things as far as this continuity is concerned?

      • Fables have to be born somehow, so maybe this will shed light on how and why Fables become what they are, how they can live so long and can be so hard to kill. Perhaps when Rachel was born she learned she had to find a way to keep people believing in her in order to continue existing, and whatever happened with Aunite Greenleaf caused her to go in the direction of Bloody Mary, or Rachel simply discovered she liked killing people and feeding their lungs to the family dog.

        • In the Fables comics they explain that they live so long because the mundies write stories about them and "believe" in them. More famous fables, like Snow White, The Big Bad Wolf, etc., live longer and are harder to kill because of this. Lesser known Fables are easier to kill, and that's probably why Donkeyskin was killed.
          I think back in the Homelands they're lives were pretty mormal; they were born from their parents, grew old and died, but lived a bit longer than mundies' lives. But I'm not sure on that.
          You should read the comics! A fantastic read! :)
    • Excerpt from Aunty Greenleaf's entry :

      Horticulturist, alchemist, and lover of animals, she is rumored to have lost a daughter in the Homelands. She suffers paranoia and depressive mood swings"

      It's quite ambiguous. I interpreted it as she lost her daughter somehow amidst the chaos before both of them could get to the portal. I recall it happened to quite a few fables, being left behind in the old world like that. It wasn't an easy task getting to the portal.

      Fables have to be born out of somewhere. They weren't always there, they had to start somewhere.

      Bigby,for example, has a backstory of his own,with how while growing up he rebelled against his father, explaining why he became the Big Bad Wolf, etc etc. He didn't just pop out of nowhere.

      Being left behind in that world could have been the reason she became the Bloody Mary, the same way Bigby became who he is because of his mother's death due to his father's neglect.

      I wonder what exactly her relashionship with the Crooked Man is.

    • Bloody Mary fable was a real person one of the sisters or daughters of one of the kings in old England the girl's name was mary and I believe they nicknamed her bloody Mary because she was crazy and killed a bunch of peasants in the land
  • Interesting connection. Have some Mary wallpapers as a reward.

    Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary


  • Oh, another thing I failed to pick up 'til lately...

    Bloody Mary emphasizes that she enjoys killing little girls for fun, as a hobbie. Maybe deep down there's a symbolic reason for that.
    She was left behind in an evil world all by herself when she was just a little girl, as well. As result, she'd have a pretty traumatic childhood, if any at all.

    Maybe she sees other little girls as a reminder of her dreaded past or something, and feels the urge to get rid of them. To repress her past, and with it ,her young self, Rachel. Metaphorically, Rachel "died" after she was left behind at the tainted Woodlands, and her Bloody Mary persona took place.

    It could also be out of jealousy because she never had a real childhood like her victims.

    • That's an interesting analysis. Perhaps another part of it could be that the people who summon her do so naively or innocently, and Mary looks forward to the fact that she gets to take that away from them, maybe as a form of vengeance against those she fell victim to in her past? Of course, you can't really take vengeance on the world itself because it has no agency and her past is past, so because of what she became, she now looks forward to at least living up to her own expectations as well as being in control of what happens next.

      Certainly an intriguing area to explore in the creation of Fables, how they live so long and why they're so hard to kill.

      • I wonder what her relashionship with the Crooked Man is, though.

        Why is she so loyal to him?

        Maybe he was the one who managed to finally bring her to the mundie world?

        • Considering the Bloody Mary myth originated somehwat recently, I wonder if the Crooked Man still has connections to the 'old world' or whatever that means. Perhaps he can tap into myths that didn't become well known and make them his own?

    • Man I hope all these theories about her being Rachel are right. It would make a damn good twist!
      • Guess we'll find out today...
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