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Case file: back ordered, still available?

posted by Moon Child on - last edited - Viewed by 195 users
I was just about to purchase the Sam & Max Season Two Case File for $5.99 but was told that the item was in back order. The item description said that it was a limited edition and there wouldn't be more in production, so I'm a bit confused. Can I still place my order even though its back ordered and if so, when can I expect to have it shipped out?
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  • It is not actually back ordered. It is still in pre-order status as it has not been released yet. We just didn't have a way to put in pre-order. So you are totally cool to purchase it.
  • We never take orders (backordered or otherwise) for things that aren't ever going to be available again. When the casefile legitimately sells out, it'll be removed from the store.
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