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Ouya release for Season 1

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I have been floating around the forums for about a year now and decided to finally join. I joined because I soon with finally be able to play this game however it has not been released yet. Been watching every video I can find and really excited for it.

I wanted to ask, has anyone heard when The Walking Dead season 1 will be released for Ouya? Or if it was canceled? I was expecting it this past winter due to the press release but have not seen or heard everything.

So yeah just wondering if its coming or not and if it is a rough time frame would help... 6 months, year, whatever lol.

  • Not sure if you know but it just came out for andriod devices (not sure on ouya though) recently.....season one that is

    • Yeah I know... and was supposed to be out last winter for Ouya but didn't. Trying to get them to reply to whether or not they are still releasing it. But you know these big companies are lol

      • If it's out on android smartphones and the like it must surely be released for ouya soon (after all ouya is an android based console - right?)

        • Yeah its android based but to assume that... well I won't hold my breath lol. I mean how long was it on the Kindle before Android. And the Kindle is Android too. I just hoped for a yes its still coming, or no sorry.

  • They don't seem to want to answer if it's still coming to Ouya, would think a simple yes or no wouldn't be that hard. Don't even care for a timeframe, people just want to know.

  • Yeah I certainly hope that it's still in the pipeline. And if it isn't, please don't let us sit and wonder if it is or not. I've actually never played anything Telltale's done outside of the Poker Night series, but I was seriously considering getting The Walking Dead. Although I have other devices that'll play it, I like getting things for the newest device I own if I can, so that I can build up the library. If I can get a "Yes, it's still coming to OUYA" I will wait, if I get a "No" I'll get it on something else, but I'm not pulling the trigger until I get a definitive answer.

  • Well I am going to assume its either not coming or no one has any idea lol. Oh well it was worth a shot to try and play it
  • Still no love for Ouya I guess :(

    It's 2015.... would be great if we heard anything about season 1

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