• iv been wondering the same thing. I hope it isn't, cuz he got beaten pretty easily by that bitch. I hope maybe in episode 5 CRY WOLF, hes in his final form and gets bigger, and stronger, n tears that bitch apart. That would be great.

  • Lol that isnt his final form. Trust me.

  • Bigby's final (and original) form is a giant wolf around 30ft long.

  • I've some doubts that it is the final form.When he turned He was still at his "normal height" and was still standing in 2 legs(He looks like a werewolf).Regarding to the photos I've seen and some pages in the book Bigby is a wolf not a werewolf.In his final form he should grow up in height and stay in 4 legs.He'll become the Big Bad Wolf we want.His final form(from my toughts) will be unleashed in episode 5(that's why it's named cry wolf).And maybe there'll be some dramatic scences there.

  • Technically, Bigby should be able to transform into this huge-ass wolf.

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    So, no, that's not his final form. I'm just going to presume that he will become a wolf in the last episode. I'm pretty sure Telltale won't let this series pass without us seeing some wolf-out. So yeah. I can't wait to see his wolf form here! And maybe we'll get to see some Huff and Puff in action, or the North Wind, because of that one achievement... The North Wind Blows.

    I dunno. The point is, THAT'S NOT EVEN HIS FINAL FORM!

  • Well I dont know i really want to belive he will be wolf not werewolf but the picture at episode 5 is this wolf (Maybe bigger) but lets just keep our hopes high

  • Thanks for the feedback, by the looks of it it really wasn't his final form! Very cool, I'm almost sure now that we will see BIG BAD WOLF in episode 5. I'm interested too see who will Bigby fight in episode 4. Woodsman maybe, or Bloody Mary?

  • I'm really skeptical about us seeing his final form though I really really hope that we'll do.
    The fact is that in video games they usually make things smaller, more simple and so on... Please let me see Bigby as a huge wolf and rip Bloody Mary in two!

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