Anyone else regret reading the...

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comic before playing the game? For me, its a pain to watch Bigby suck compared to what he can do in the comic. For example his nose is crap in the game other wise he would have known where crane was. Well i guess the had to make his less op to actually have a game.


  • I haven't read the comics but remember the game is set before the comics -like a prequel- so that those like me that haven't read the comics can keep up.

  • Comic Bigby would have known who and where the killer was just from the blood left near Faith's head. He needed to be nerfed just so there was even a mystery to solve.

  • Have not read much of the comic, but yeah his nose should be able to pick up more things than he has. I don't know if he'd solve the mystery by sniffing her head and cuts, but his senses should have picked up on Dum being behind him.

  • Maybe he got sick after spending so much time on the fucking rain and now he can't smell shit.

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    i just started reading the comics today, im on issue 3 :3

  • I've only gotten up to chapter 20 in the comics. But this game is about the mystery, and if Bigby was just as he is in the comics, then there would be no mystery--he'd probably be able to pick up a scent of the killer from Faith or Lilly's body already.

    I read the comic after going through the game's third episode. I regard the two separately, since to me they're both pretty unique in their own way, so it doesn't affect me too much.

  • Exactly. It wouldn't be as fun if Bigby was able to pretty much solve things so easily with his senses. It was just for the game so it's more like you are solving the case, not the game.

  • Would anyone know where to read the comics online, btw? I've only gotten up to chapter twenty with one of the sites. :P If there's no place for 'em, I could always make the trek to the local library. But just in case?

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    I have been searching for them as well :D but I couldn't find any. Well...I finished chapter 19 and pufff there's no more. I was so dissapointed :(

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