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The Red Queen

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Okay, so, because i don't feel in the mood for a spoiler tag, i should warn the dudes that didn't play episode 3.


So, the last words of Bloody Mary baffled me.

Ahem. Lemme just quote:

"Out with the old. In with the new. Long live the Queen."

What queen is she talking about, one might ask. Well, i asked myself that. And i came up with this theory.

The Queen. It struck me as weird to mention a queen. It reminded me of something.

And then i realized. She didn't talk of "a queen". She talked of "The Queen". And then i searched through every corner of my brain for what it reminded me of. It reminded me of The Red Queen. You know, from Alice In Wonderland. And why her, you might ask. Well, do you guys remember her favorite line? The one she ALWAYS mentioned, mostly when something annoyed her or made her mad (which happened pretty often, by the way). I do. I remember. That ONE line...

Off with their heads

Oh, my. How convenient for Bloody Mary to mention The Queen that might be The Queen with that specific line.

Of course, this is only a theory, but i decided to share it with you guys because... Because it just remained in my mind. What do you think? Do you think she actually has something to do with this? I don't remember her being mentioned in the comics... And that axe that Bloody Mary had, it was surely from the Woodsman...

I dunno, my theory of The Red Queen being involved had a lot of flaws, but, as i said, i felt like sharing it.

Still working on developing it...

  • "Out with the old. In with the new" ?

    What's that mean?

  • I was very puzzled when she said that. She must be talking about someone, but the way she said it and her facial expressions during her appearance, made me wonder if she was sincere or just talking nonsense.

  • Actually... That's a pretty kick-ass theory

  • In the late middle ages there was traditional a proclamation "The king is dead, long live the king!". I think that Bloody Mary's words might have simply referred to this fact, since Bloody Mary of urban legend fame is supposedly loosely connected to the historical figure of Queen Mary Tudor (Mary I of England also known as... you guessed it :) - Bloody Mary). At the same time, it might have also been a reference to Alice in Wonderland nonetheless.

    • I know, but i only concentrated on The Red Queen from Alice In Wonderland because i thought it counted as a fable. Ugh, so many revelations!

      Much theory

      Very wow

      So edit

  • I agree with your theory. Isn't it funny how TT keeps putting in characters that are known for doing away with heads? Headless horseman, the queen, then that sword that was in the book and the axe... I think a lot of it is just red herrings but who knows :D

  • I honestly thought she was talking about herself (Queen Mary I of England was known as Bloody Mary for her prosecution of Protestants and I thought the urban legend Bloody Mary was based off Her Majesty.) Nonetheless it's a good theory :)

  • I thought by her words she meant "Crane is gonna die so Snow is in charge now." I just thought that's what they say when a new king or queen is crowned "Long live the King/Queen". Would explain "out with the old" too.

    • Hmm, i dunno. Or i heard someone say that it may be about Crooky wanting to take over, but i highly doubt it. Plus, how would she know 'bout Snow? And, yeah, i dunno. I just don't buy it...

  • I noticed that line, too! It's entirely possible that you're right (minor gripe, the "off with their heads!" queen is actually the Queen of Hearts, who is, confusingly, a different person from the Red Queen). I thought perhaps she was talking about herself, though, because of the Mary Tudor connection, or Snow White, since she may be in charge now. There are many, many queens in fairy tales and fables, though, including the one from Snow White's own tale. I'm not well versed enough in the comics to know what happened to all the villains from the fairy tales, although I know that at least some are still alive such as the witch from Hansel and Gretel's story, even though she died in the actual fable. Is it possible that "long live the queen" is a reference to Snow White's own stepmother? Both Beauty and Snow hinted at something from her past that she is trying to forget or repress; it must be something relating to the rest of Snow's narrative arc in TWAU.

  • If you think about episode 1 for a moment, you realize that bloody mary could very well be the killer. Bigby said something sharp and with magic attached to it killed faith, that could be the woodsmans axe, right ? We know that It has a druid blessing. And Faith owed the crooked man money, so guess how crane felt when he heard about faith's head lying on the woodlands doorstep ? A message from the crooked man, like "this is what happens if you dont pay your debt". So bloody mary works for the crooked man, and like mentioned before, she has the woodsmans axe.

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