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Is crista still alive?


  • *Christa.

    Oh, dude, you put only the hardest of questions. Everyone would like to know that!

  • It's *Christa but besides that I have no flippin' clue. If I could guess, i'd say yes but I don't know if her fate will ever be explored or if she'll be missing for another episode or two.

  • I'm honestly thinking no.

    Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but I heard someone getting knocked down, a scream from Christa and a gunshot. that I think about it, seeing as Victor showed up down river a few hours later, perhaps the gunshot wasn't from him. Maybe Carver really did pick Christa up.

    Who knows.

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    Christa could very well still be alive. It was looking very bad for her at this situation, but it was looking very bad for Kenny aswell and he made it out alive.

    Anyway, i think making Christa dissappear off-screen and then return again in another " i thought you were dead " moment would be repeatable. So i am not quite sure if Christa is still alive. We only know one thing for sure, if she is still alive she will be going to Wellington, just like Kenny and we are planning to do and that's where we gonna find her. (And obviously not in Carvers community.)

  • Most likely, I can see her returning by episode 5.

  • We find Kenny who is planning on going to wellington who ends up in Carver's community, so why is it Christa couldn't have been dragged back also?

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  • :D


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    That's really fucking catchy...I can't stop replaying it... and for some reason it reminds me of this.

    I just realized that this is a creepypasta too! :O

  • Oh, yeah, i know this! Can't remember what it's called, though...

  • Nope. Christa is probably confirmed for E3.

  • It's called Lavender Town.

  • LOL scary maze game!



    Yeah, it was something about a conspiracy, to cover up those suicides, and the children committed suicide because they listened to a theme or something...

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    Yeah, apparently the theme song made them depressed and some shit. TheStickyPaddle did a video on it.

  • Yeah, and there was something with that pokemon on the grass...

    And that policxe dude that shot himself at the end, i remember that.

  • The thing with Christa... it's a tricky situation to pull with her character. For one thing, you can't have another "oh god you're alive" moment again since that card's been used with Kenny. The thing with Christa's fate is that, it's annoyingly ambiguous; on hand, Kenny made it out alive despite being clawed at by the Walkers, while on the other, I swear that I heard the bandits shooting at her at least twice even after you chose the option to distract them with the rock, so I don't really know how to feel on this should Christa come back. Should I feel happy because I like her? Or should I feel, "Meh, after Kenny came back, nothing surprises me anymore with revived characters."

  • To me, at least, I don't think I would view the situation as another itywdg, only more as a reunion. Plus, after Kenny, I might as well believe any character can come back to life.

    In walks Lee

    Told you.

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