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The Walking Dead: Year-Book

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Y'know how in Middle School and High School they have the class favorites? Well, that just happened at my school. So, I thought, "hey, that would be fun to do with TWD characters!" So, here are the categories:

  1. Most Likely to be famous

  2. Most likely to become President

  3. Clown

  4. Best Hair

  5. Best Smile

  6. Best Voice

Choose a male and female character for each category.

  • can't decide for best hair, either kenny or juice box >:(

  • best voice: lee or clem

  • I dunno for most of these, but Lee will always have the best voice tbh.

    Soothing as fuck. Lee must've been, like the most kickass teacher of all time. I wish my professors had been voiced by Dave Fennoy. :S

  • Most Likely to be Famous: Duck,Luke.
    President: Vince(Fuck Wall Street), Clementine
    Clown: Omid, Molly
    Hair: Kenny, Carley
    Smile: Lee, Clementine
    Voice: Lee, Carley

  • Most Likely to be famous Kenny

    With such fine stache even Chuck Norris would be jealous of though if Lee become an action star be cool also Clem Rambo be brilliant

    Clem President

    Smart. A badass, dealt with hard life and overcame all the impossible problems and still survived. Still striving for perfect tomorrow while keeping all her morals I would vote for her never moaned once just dealt with every situation quickly and with great precision "STILL NOT BITTEN"

    Clown Ben

    Would be but I would not go to his school or if actually was a clown go to his show yes be funny but everyone will end up dead

    Best Hair

    Clemfro"AMID THE RUINS"

    Clem Smile

    she doesn't smile much but in S1 little moments of happiness when Clem smiled remembered why love this game and why Lee made all these decisions and sacrifices love it

    Clem or lee best voice

    From acting perpective Clem how Melissa controls her voice is just sensational to watch but say Lee such a commanding voice miss it

    1. Kenny
    2. Lee
    3. Ben
    4. Clemmy (only because her hair looks like mine a little bit)
    5. Clem again
    6. Lee for sure
  • 1.Most Likely to be famous

    Lee and Carley.

    2.Most likely to become President

    Carver and Lily


    Omid and Molly

    4.Best Hair

    Molly and Luke

    5.Best Smile

    Duck and Clem

    6.Best Voice

    Lee and Katjaa

  • I think my runner up for best voice is Nick, actually. His VA did a damn fine job, particularly in the 'I had to kill my mom' - 'Luke, he is becoming a danger to the group' conversation. :S

  • Most likely to be famous I'd have to say... Lee and Carley.

    Most likely to be President would be Vince and Carley

    Clown would easily be Omid and Molly

    Best hair has to be Kenny and Clem

    Best Smile would be Clem and Omid

    Best Voice would obviously be Lee and... Carley? Kenny would be a runner up.

  • Most Likely to be famous- Lee/Christa

    Most likely to become President- Kenny/Lily

    Clown- Doug/???

    Best Hair- Wyatt/Carely

    Best Smile- Kenny/Carely

    Best Voice- Lee/Clem

    I didn't put much thought into this FYI

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