• she is a character from an urban legend, if you want to know the story look it up, but be warned it is pretty fucking creepy

  • You dont know about Bloody Mary?

  • She pretty much gives you the tl;dr of her story. Bloody Mary is an urban legend, usually invoked by groups of kids/teenagers these days, who stand in a dimly lit room with a mirror (usually a bathroom) and chant her name into it five times. In more recent adaptions, they might end the chant with "...we killed your son" just to piss her off more.

    Bloody Mary then supposedly hops out of the mirror covered in blood, screams like a banshee, strangles everyone and scratches their eyes out, then drinks their blood and souls. Good times.

  • Bloody Mary is a nickname given to Mary I of England. She was notorious for the mass slaughtering of Protestants and was given the nickname. Execution after execution in the most brutal ways, mainly beheading, I believe.

    • Hence the Long Live the Queen comment.

      But yeah, I'm pretty sure that's just the origin of the name of the urban legend of which the character is based. TWAU's Bloody Mary definitely wasn't the Mary I.

    • The Catholics were persecuted with equal fanatism and cruelty under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. But protestant-written history named Mary "Bloody Mary" and Elizabeth "Good Queen Bess"...

      If Catholicism had prevailed in England we would talk about "Bloody Bess" and "Good Queen Mary"...

      History is always written by the victors.

  • Because She's aware that she's a sadist and embraces it, which frankly scares me an disgusts me the most.

  • If I had to guess, I'd say she is like Bigby in the sense she can change forms. So in episode 4 or 5 we will likely have some sort of fight scene were she shows just how strong she actually is

  • Yeah,maybe she can change forms.Her changed form will be like a devil or a daemon.Would be great if the TWAU staff would do a fight between them in their final forms,but with no interventions like silver bulets or anything.
    BTW:Do want to hear the true nad funny legend about bloody mary?"If you scream bloody mary 3 times at 3 am, your mother screams you to go to sleep."

  • You can read the fables thing in TWAU after you meet her. It basically says that she can appear from any reflective surface and im pretty sure there's something else. Im glad that they included her because there's just something about psychopathic women who scare the shit out of me but also intrigue me in the most peculiar sexual way. Kind of reminds me of Vaas from far cry 3 as well.

  • I was quite scared when she introduced herself as Bloody Mary because I know the Urban Legend.

    Regarding her power, in the Book of Fables Entry, it is said that she has resistance toward magic and a strange ability to use any reflective surface as a portal, effectively short-cutting space and time. Does the latter means that she is able to use reflect to teleport anywhere she wants?

  • Nah, i like her. She's a Bloody Bitch, but the fact that she doesn't play fair makes her even more evil. And she's not SCARY, she's just a complete sociopath. I really like that, i actually like her. So yeah.

    But, actually, she seems quite powerful. In her Book Of Fables entry, it said that she was immune to magic and she can teleport from any reflective surface. She's pretty cool.

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