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So, now that Kenny's back, does anyone think that he was bitten? You know, when Ben falls off the building (if you kept him alive.) and gets impaled? I just think it would be impossible for him to get past those many walkers and survive or not get bitten.. I have a feeling, in episode 3 or 4 of season 2, he's gonna turn, and either Clem's going to have to kill him, tie him to something, (basically the options she had with Lee) or that Kenny's just going to get someone else killed as a walker. Preferably not Luke. But, either way, I just fell TellTale's going to do something with him, and possibly connect Luke with it. Maybe even so, that's why episode 4's play screen, has some people that are (if they are who I think) dead. That's just my little theory, as TellTale always has something sneaky up their sleeve. Let me know in the replys.



  • Dude a bite take hours to turn a person not two years!

  • Impossible: People turn within a few hours.

    No way Kenny survived two years with a bite. I mean, he is pretty awesome, but the bite takes all. No way he is bit for two years showing no signs of sickness then all of a sudden say "Oops, I got bit two years ago. Gunna turn now. Love ya! Boats 4 ever!"

    Talk about bad writing.

  • you have got to be joking, lol

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    But what if he was bitten but his the cure so showed no symptoms and survived that's why he said he got lucky

  • If that happened i would throw my pc out the window and kick somebody with moustache balls.

  • Mark, you must learn by now that I never cease to blow the minds of those around me.

    The only reason I cease to completely destroy your brain is because I don't want to be surrounded by idiots...


  • The bite is deadly like if you're bit, you dead man. Unless u a potato.


  • It's been over 2 years, Kenny would've turned by now if he was bitten.

  • I heard in one of the playing dead episodes that originally Kenny was intended to die in season 1, but they cut his death audio last minute. So I guess you're just supposed to assume Kenny was lucky and managed to escaped bite-free and couldn't reach the others because of the swarm of walkers everywhere.

    I would find it interesting though if somebody got bitten and didn't turn. But I'm not sure how that could work with an infection, because of all the bad bacteria the dead carry isn't the same as something like a virus? Although I'm no big expert on that stuff.

    I'll be sad if Kenny gets bitten in this season though...

  • ya, his beard has been making him survive this whole time.

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    Yeah it's almost impossible to be immune. Everyone is already infected and will turn into a Z when they die, the only reason the bite turns you into a Z is because of the numerous types of bacteria,fungi viruses etc the Z's will have in their saliva/bite that infect you and kill you. In the modern era we've caused alot of bacteria to become resistant to our anti B's and in the apocalypse anti bacs are going to be difficult to get a hold of, and even if you do it may not be the correct type to kill the infection you have (not to mention you wouldn't be able to take a swab and culture the bacteria so you wouldn't know which infection you have and therefore you have to play pick and mix with the anti bacs and if it's a virus you pick up, well you're screwed either way)

    Therefore surviving a bite is next to (but i suppose not technically) impossible....at the very least it's highly highly highly unlikely.

  • Notice how the OP hasn't replied to any posts? Lol

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    If Kenny was bit, he would've died like Lee did.
    Though I will admit, it would be an interesting twist if Kenny does get bit, in a later episode perhaps, and survives.
    Like he's immune to it!
    Kinda like how Elli was immune to the clickers in The Last Of Us.

  • If he was bit the only chance to be alive was to cut off the bitten limb right on and still that would have been a small chance for survival so no...

  • What makes this disagreeable? I joked about the potato and how Kenny might be immune. ._.

  • Im not getting the potato thing - what has a potato got to do with being immune and the "heghshgpdvndfvu0erg0" at the end of your comment is......well..........

  • It's a joke, I'm bad at jokes, that's why people hate me. I'm used to that already.
    heghshgpdvndfvu0erg0 = An exaggerated 'OH MY GOD'

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  • That would just be P.I.S

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  • Sorry I didn't respond. I know this is stupid, but there are many theory's that Clem's been bit, and is immune. But, what if Kenny POSSIBLY found a cure? I mean, this guys pretty different than in season 1. It's like he's drugged up. Again, this is stupid, but it's a theory. What if maybe he was in Carver's group, and is trying to lure Clementine and her group? What if Carver has a cure, but it needs to be taken, say, every two days? I mean, maybe he just wants Clem's group. Now before any comments, just think about this. Telltale has done many things that people don't expect, or think are B.S. Even so, there just no way Kenny got out of the zombie attack alive, or hurt. Then again, he could've, which is what I'm saying. You guys expect the whole series of seasons, not episodes, to just end with, oh, everyone's dead. Christa? She's dead by now. Her baby? Done for. Kenny? Killed by bandits. Really though, sOmething like this could be possible, but then when other people write things like "Lee was immune. He escaped, or the bullet was a blank. So he's alive" it's fine? Just please think about this.

  • That's what I'm saying. Telltale has tricks up their sleeve, and it's not like this is out of the park. Plus, others are saying Lee could be alive, but people agree with them. Plus, many things could've happened. I'm just saying, that basically, the main idea would be that he was attacked, and somehow survives. Again, there's no way he got out of their alive.

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    Your theory is not outside of the realm of possibility. Theoretically speaking, Kenny seems like he cut a pretty close call back there in season 1, and him conveniently coming back to life here in season 2 has felt kinda 'cheap' for me. It's kinda a loose logic that he merely just 'got lucky,' so your theory of him getting a cure wouldn't be that far-fetch if Telltale never meant to have this plot-hole hanging loose.

    Then again, on the other hand, Telltale might just leave it as 'he just got lucky.'

  • One more, but eventually there'd have to be a cure. Like previously mentioned, maybe it's in Carver's group. Or, maybe the group at the end of 400 days did. I believe they mentioned a doctor and a clinic.

  • I'm just using Lee as an example. I'm saying many people think he's not dead, but really, he's either shot in the head, or definitely a walker. But Kenny got really far. From Georgia, to North Carolina I believe, but that's far. He probably met tons of people. Lee couldn't have escaped, it's just impossible. But really, To all the HATERS in my thread, what do you think happened? You think Kenny just got surrounded by at least twenty walkers, and either freakin parkoured out of the place, or killed them all? I mean, this would be the closest thing that could've happened.

  • Btw, is love to see some theory's in here, so either comment them, or comment a link. I want to see other characters theory's and more immune/survivor stuff. For the haters, I'm sharing my opinion, not telling you "OMG KENNY IS ALIV. I RED THE FILZ AND FIND KENNY MODL WIT BIT ON HIM. LIK THIS TO SHOW MOAR" please respect that.

  • Ah, sorry. I was half-asleep when I wrote that. I meant to say "Kenny," not "Lee." I've edited my last post; reread it again to know what I meant. :P

  • Nobody is immune, Just like in the Comics.

  • It is out of the park. Kirkman stated that nobody in his universe was immune to the infection, so if Telltale did that it would fly in the face of the entire Walking Dead universe..

  • Except for animals if im not mistaken

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    If Kenny had been bitten and survived, when trapped in the allyway, do you think TT would keep that a secret?
    In the alleyway, it seems more likely that Kenny fought them off and managed to get out.
    Like Tyrease did when he got hemmed in by walkers on the show.
    Plus, in the conversation when Kenny and Clementine are sitting in front of the fire place at the lodge, that seems to be what's implied when Kenny mentioned that he got out after failing to save Ben.

  • This is really fucking stupid. Just really fucking stupid.

  • If Kenny was apart of Carver's clan, then why the hell did he shoot both Carver and one of his men?

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