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How many of you went to all 3 locations in one playthrough?

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How many of you went to all 3 locations in one playthrough and what have you discovered?

I went first to Holly, then i went to Crane's apartment and Bluebeard burned all of Crane's things. After that i went to dee and dum's place.

  • Me, i went first to Crane's apartment, then to the Tweedles', and then to Holly's.

  • At first i went to the Cranes apartment, then to the tweedledees and finally to Holly. But im gonna to replay this episode again and ill go to dees at first, i wanna check some details before Bluebeard burn it down.

  • First playthrough, Crane, than trip trap.

  • Dee's, Crane's, Trippy Trappy Bar.

  • I went to Trip Trap first, then to Crane's apartment, but it was too late, so I went to Dee's.

  • Does Bluebeard burn things no matter what, for example, if I go to Crane's Apartment first then the Dee's?

    • No - if you go to Crane's first, Bluebeard will go to Dee's and ransack it, so you'll have the chance to search Crane's office completely. If you don't go there first, then Bluebeard will instead and burn everything.

  • I'm torn, because I want to go to the Tweedles' office for the extra evidence and to have a decent conversation with Fly, but I also want to find the evidence that Crane was embezzling from Fabletown (not to mention the money Bigby can confiscate). Can you confiscate money from the Tweedles' place too?

    Also, if you go to Crane's apartment first, you get to talk to both Jack and Fly, even if the latter talk is limited. Aah!

  • First Crane's because it seemed most important at the time, then the Tweedles because I had to check what the hell Bluebeard had messed up and finally Holly's bar. I'm glad I did it in this order because it seemed the most logical to me plus I got to see everyone you could have seen in these three places.

  • I thought you could only go to two places.

    I went to trip trap then dees office

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