How many of you went to all 3 locations in one playthrough?

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How many of you went to all 3 locations in one playthrough and what have you discovered?

I went first to Holly, then i went to Crane's apartment and Bluebeard burned all of Crane's things. After that i went to dee and dum's place.


  • Me, i went first to Crane's apartment, then to the Tweedles', and then to Holly's.

  • Same here, but I'm considering repaying and going to the Rweedles' place first, so I can have a longer talk with Fly. Does anyone know if you still meet Jack at Crane's apartment if you go there second?

  • No, you don't. If you go anywhere else but his apartment first, BlueBitch burns his things. And Jack, of course, leaves hands full. I'm not going to leave him like that. I don't want him to leave with anything.

  • "BlueBitch"... I just died. Here, take my like. :D

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    Crane's Apartment: You find a message presumably left by Bloody Mary on his Telephone's Inbox. Crane has a statue of his own face and the Headless Horsemen. He keeps a confession in his desk about how things may spiral out of control and how he apologizes to Snow for being unable to control himself. There's also money here in related to his embezzling. You can also find a letter signed by a Jeremy here, a former student of Crane's. He's got many books detailing Europe (Presumably one of the languages of Europe is also the language the Snow White book is written in when you find it in Chapter 2.) and also books relating to love and sex (Kama Sutra). On the bookshelf you can also examine a picture of Crane with I believe Snow White and King Cole.

    You'll encounter Jack when you enter his bedroom and Jack will reveal the name Aunty Greenleaf. Also upon checking Jack's bag you find about three Glamour Tubes in Jack's possessions. Bluebeard will always go to this location first, unless you decide to investigate here. Bluebeard will burn a book, a picture, and a clock, and you will be prevented from investigating the area choosing to look at the final location, with Bufkin apologizing for not being of any help in stopping Bluebeard.

    Tweedle Office: You can go here and you'll find Flycatcher working there as a janitor. You can head on in and investigate the Tweedle's office. The initial room is blank and barren, with the only two things of interest being a key in the Cigar Box and files on Donkeyskin, Crane, Cinderella, Brannigan, and Beauty. Donkeyskin's file reveals she stole a photo(which Dum tells you if you interrogated him) from Crane and the Tweedles were hired to track it down by Crane. Crane's file shows he's in debt to the Crooked Man, and shows that he's allowed the Armory to be stolen from in order to lower his debt. Beauty's file shows how much in debt she's been since she took out a loan from the Crooked Man. Brannigan's file shows a newspaper article on how they all fell asleep for 3 hours, and a sticky note saying "Keep an eye on her". Cinderella's file shows she's out of the country on vacation seemingly.

    After some events, a second part of the Tweedle's office is unlocked. There's a scale with a weight on one side, and unidentified red sand-like substance on the other. There are also several packages here correlating to several parties. "The Butcher", "The Crooked Man", "J.D.", and "B.C.W" (Might have gotten the initials wrong). The packages contain seemingly artifacts or the like, money in one circumstance(Crane's embezzlement), and for J.D. a book. Finally you'll find a tin can labeled 'Aunty Greenleaf' giving you the full name in-case you came here before Crane's office.

    If you searched Crane's office first, Bluebeard will go to the Tweedle's office, ransack it, beat up Flycatcher and take evidence. In both circumstances you will be allowed the chance to offer Flycatcher a job at the Woodlands if you wish it.

    The Trip Trap: Gren is on medical ambrosia and the Woodsman is there. Gren proposes a toast, and Woody insists he doesn't drink because of Doctor's orders. Regardless of what you do, Gren and Woody have a falling out where Gren reveals Woody had been sleeping with Lily (Which Bigby might know by interrogating the Woodsman, and Gren might thank Bigby if he told Holly about it). Eitherway Gren passes out, Woody leaves, and you go to check on Holly for Lily's belongings.

    Holly eventually lets you obtain the belongings without a fuss, and you can pretend to be the Woodsman or tell her you're Bigby. As you rummage the box she'll ask you questions. (Unknown results if you tell her you're here for the belongings or just ignore her.)

    In the Box you'll find a Photo of Lily with several familiar faces, a bottle of Wine that Crane likes to drink, her Brooch, a Glamour Tube, and a small journal detailing all of the dates and people (Maybe just Witches?) that Lily scheduled to visit. You find the Initials of several people, including Aunty Greenleaf and all of their addresses.

    If you know Aunty Greenleaf's name, and have her Address you can track her down at this point. The Trip Trap has no penalties for being visited last, as Bluebeard has no interest in this location.


    As the choices stand, Bluebeard will remove one area for you to investigate depending on your first choice.
    If you investigate the Trip Trap or Tweedle's Office then Crane's Office will be sealed.
    If you investigate Crane's Office, then the Tweedle's Office will be sealed.

    Preference-wise I think Tweedle's Office offers more information overall while Crane's office is limited but worth a look if you do multiple playthroughs or backtrack to redo choices.

    If there was anything else, I probably missed it or found it too small to mention.

  • At first i went to the Cranes apartment, then to the tweedledees and finally to Holly. But im gonna to replay this episode again and ill go to dees at first, i wanna check some details before Bluebeard burn it down.

  • First playthrough, Crane, than trip trap.

  • Dee's, Crane's, Trippy Trappy Bar.

  • I went to Trip Trap first, then to Crane's apartment, but it was too late, so I went to Dee's.

  • BCW is the Boy Who Cried Wolf, presumably. Who could JD or the Butcher be?

  • Does Bluebeard burn things no matter what, for example, if I go to Crane's Apartment first then the Dee's?

  • I'm torn, because I want to go to the Tweedles' office for the extra evidence and to have a decent conversation with Fly, but I also want to find the evidence that Crane was embezzling from Fabletown (not to mention the money Bigby can confiscate). Can you confiscate money from the Tweedles' place too?

    Also, if you go to Crane's apartment first, you get to talk to both Jack and Fly, even if the latter talk is limited. Aah!

  • You can take money from Dee's place.

  • But is it justifiable to take it, like Crane's (which was confiscation of stolen property belonging to Fabletown), or is it stealing?

  • It's stealing.

    And I took it.

  • The Snow White book in Episode 2 is in German, so I read through it while playing

  • First Crane's because it seemed most important at the time, then the Tweedles because I had to check what the hell Bluebeard had messed up and finally Holly's bar. I'm glad I did it in this order because it seemed the most logical to me plus I got to see everyone you could have seen in these three places.

  • I thought you could only go to two places.

    I went to trip trap then dees office

  • It's labelled as stealing as opposed to confiscation, although it is actually money of the same ilk i.e. it was being used to pay off the crooked man from his stolen funds.

  • No - if you go to Crane's first, Bluebeard will go to Dee's and ransack it, so you'll have the chance to search Crane's office completely. If you don't go there first, then Bluebeard will instead and burn everything.

  • JD is the Jersey Devil -

    The Butcher is Johann- he is the Butcher from the rhyme "Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub" more so though as "the Butcher, the Baker, and the Cadelstick maker". -

  • I think it's a little wierd. I went to Tweedle office and then Trip Trap. I didn't go to Crane Apartment and it took me the same amount of time while I should be at Greenleaf's a bit earlier I think. But it's still awesome.

  • Crane->Holly->Tweedles

  • First off I went to Crane's Apartment than Tweedles' Office and lastly to Holly's Bar.

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