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Dale vs Herschel, who was more tactful?

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( Tv series), Who seemed more approachable?
Who had a more positive affect on the group's members?

Both were good men.
And both were very people savvy.
Both men saw people who they really were, not for what they may have pretended to be.

Although I like Dale, I love Herschel.

Herschel, was very approachable, and wouldn't immediately shoot someone down, figuratively speaking, if he felt they were wrong.
Instead, he would try to reason with the person in question, try and help them see where they were at error.

He helped Rick through the grief of losing Lori, and helped Rick, and by extension Carl, regain some of the humanity they had lost, from living in such a chaotic world.
He helped the entire group, for that matter, regain of sense of what it means to live peacefully.

And with his everlasting optimistic attitude, not only did it rub off on the group, but it also made it seem like there weren't walkers lurking outside the prison.

Plus, Herschel stood by his principles, but not if it would endanger the group or his daughters safety.
At that point, he was willing to compromise to protect the others.

Everyone benefited from Herschel.
Everyone saw him as a father figure, including Daryl!
Even the Governor, while he may not have liked Herschel, did seem to respect him to a degree.

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