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Is it just me or is Snow kind of a bitch?

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I mean, obviously there's the infamous line from episode 2 where she tells Bigby "I'm not yours to lose", but wasn't she also kind of a hardass about Aunty Greenleafs tree? I was on the fence about what to do with AG at first, but then Snow started being rude, telling Bigby that burning down the tree is an order, and generally just not giving a crap about Auntys well being at all, so I kind of just thought, "fuck you, Snow" and hired Greenleaf. Snow didn't like that, but I decided to do what's right instead of what she wanted out of misplaced vengeance for Cranes creepiness. This makes me sad, because usually Snow's so compassionate and reasonable and kind, but it seems like sometimes she just lets her emotions get the better of her. Don't get me wrong, I've grown to love Snow's character over the course of this series like I love very few other fictional characters (Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 springs to mind), I'm just disappointed in the mean streak she's been showing lately. What do y'all think?

  • The way the she comes across in episode 3 is kind of in keeping with her character from the comics. She can seem cold and harsh. But, it really has to do with how she had to learn to stand up for herself because of her rough past. Plus, she's dealing with some bitterness too because she has been hurt so many times. It's just how she learned to survive. She's still compassionate at times, but she's also very assertive and she has a temper. Honestly, I thought her character was a little too soft in the first episode (compared to the comics).

    Did not listen to her about the tree, though. Lol Bigby is still his own wolf! :p

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    • I don't know why Bigby has a thing for her. She looks not just cold, very mean.

      • These images just gives points where she is bossy and cold. There are many moments in the comics, where she looks very kind and caring.

        Bigby likes Snow because he likes her scent, which means a sign for his future mate. There is this symbolic moment, where Bigby bite her flesh in order to make sure she wasn't with the Adversary and that he remembers her. Later in the mundy world, Snow found Bigby again and she cut his flesh with the knife that holds the curse of the Werewolf, so he can live in Fabletown.

        • Yep, there is more to her than those images. I just used those for examples of her showing her more assertive side. She can be caring, but she doesn't take any crap and she does have a bit of a temper. She has to be self-reliant and take charge sometimes because of her job, and with all of the stuff that she went through when she was younger, it just makes sense. And in the second panel that I posted, she is totally justified in saying those words to the character that she's talking to.

          I think aside from the fact that Bigby is drawn to Snow because of things he just can't deny, (like her scent... he is a wolf after all), he also admires her strength of character, even if they don't always agree with each other early in the comics.

  • Don't call her a bitch!

    She just has her temper with Bigby.

  • You can say Snow is pretty........ Cold

  • I burned the tree (._.)

    I don't care if it ruined Aunties life. She used it ill, she will no longer have it.

    • Can't believe so many people think she should have kept it. Greenleaf abused its power, and thrived on peoples suffering.

      • Not exactly. Back-alley never happens without needs that are not being met by the 'front-door' way. Snow referenced that herself in #1 in the taxi. Snow, turning people away when they need help. The witches/wizards charging too much for something that you need to avoid being thrown to the farm (jail?). It all contributes.

        There is a way to not burn the tree and not hire AG; but that didn't feel as 'fitting' as having some dialog that would make Snow re-evaluate the situation herself. She wants to nail Crane for embezzlement eventually - and the evidence backs that up. The monkey already stated that AG was not doing anything illegal. It is not illegal for her to craft magic in her own way, for her own costs. Snow should have been able to come to the hire or maybe community service thought herself.

      • How did she thrive on people's suffering? All she did was make bootleg glamours for people who couldn't go to the 13th floor witches to get them.

        It's been mentioned several times that glamours are ridiculously expensive and a lot of Fables just can't afford them. If Auntie Greenleaf is offering them a viable alternative to being shipped off to the Farm, what's wrong with that? It's not like she's taking advantage of them and keeping them in a state of perpetual debt like Georgie and his Puddin' & Pie club.

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    KCohere BANNED

    Thats makes her like every other person on the planet, lol

  • No ur right she's a straight up bitch. The I'm not yours to lose line, really upset me. The Snow White I remember from the old days was nothing like twau one. Fuck her. I wish big by would've ripped her throat out instead of dums.
    I guess I got a lot of thumbs down comin huh?

    • She isn't a B. The woman is just strong-willed like Bigby. So you have two A type personalities, there will be disagreements. I have disagreed with her often if it conflicts with Bigby's decision making process. He is the sheriff after all, and she is the chief of operations. However, throughout the episodes she's been a tad bit to indecisive IMO, so that's why I go with my best Wolf judgement. :)

    • I so wanted Bigby to come back with, "You are my FRIEND and that makes you 'mine to lose'." I mean sure they are not officially an item - but that doesn't mean her dying wouldn't affect him.

  • Yeah... I really didn't like her that much this episode because of a scene with Greenleaf... I hope she'll get past it

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