• I spared him, Im a massive badass wolf.. the fatty has no chance against me.. Why should I kill a defenceless weak fat man? I COULD of killed him.. but i didn't.. i showed that im a better person than him.

  • As much as I hate those two stupid fatasses I spared him. And I don't regret it, it was worth it especially for the look Bigby gave Snow after that, like he spared him just to prove her he is not a monster and that he has changed. Yeah it was tempting to rip that fat fuck's head off but I thought about the consequences. Now I'm really curious if this decision changes much.

  • I don't think killing some hired gun makes those two weaker. They'll get just get someone else. But yeah, I killed him in my second play through just to get a different outcome and it was pretty brutal. Now Snow thinks my Bigby is a monster out of control.

  • I killed him to not have some trouble in the future.

  • Honestly, though it's not the most moral reason one reason that I killed him because i was fed up not being taken seriously by those like him. I'd had enough of being fucked with constantly after having taken the "good" options in the first two episodes.

    Other than that, nobody could argue that he didn't deserve it.

  • I just couldn't rob Dee of his brother because I've actually grown fond of their toiling around. I've never considered them a threat, although I did make a deal with them at the start of episode 3 but it was just to avoid trouble at the funeral. They look like someone who could be useful once their boss is not around anymore. They always bring a smile on my face with their stupid lines and funky facial expressions.

  • It could really go either way.
    I played Bioware games and others that make you choose a whole lot,
    and I learned that sparing someone doesn't always guarantee that they won't come back to kill you or you gained an ally.
    Who knows, maybe if you didn't torture one brother and kill the other they will be reluctant to do more damage.
    One brother even tells you if you didn't hit him that he believes Beauty that you are a good guy.
    Just remember that even if they do think you're nice, they may still worry over their own skin rather than help you out.

  • They're so far below Bigby's level that it didn't seem right to kill either of them. It'd be like squashing an ant just to be vindictive.

  • In the heat of the moment, my initial thought was to kill him. But I stopped, and thought for a quick second and decided to spare him. Mostly because I wanted to at least try to show Snow that Bigby has changed at least in a small way after asking if Bigby enjoyed these bad situations earlier. Also, there is at least a very small chance that he'll keep that in mind in a later situation that he would be dead if it wasn't for my mercy.

  • I think Bigby was well in his rights to finish him off, but I ended up sparing him despite myself.

    I don't know, maybe it was Flycatcher's naivete along with the whole idea of Bigby moving beyond what he used to be. I usually worry about these types of characters coming back, but it started feeling like less of a necessity when Bigby was bloody destroying them.

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